26 Ways To Make Money From Home

If you’re checking out this blog post, you’re probably wondering how to make money blogging.

If you’re new to blogging or if you have been blogging for awhile, this blog post will help guide you on how to make money blogging, without any fluff or confusion.

If you’re new to my blog, I started blogging in 2016. I absolutely love it and it has changed my life for the better.

I have been blogging for the past five years and I absolutely love it. Making money blogging for me was trial and error when I started out.

I had to learn the ropes, get my hands dirty and I made lots of mistakes during my journey. In my time blogging, I’ve learned from those mistakes and I now know the methods in which money can be made from blogging.

I know how frustrating it can be when you spend hours upon hours doing what you think you should be doing to make money blogging and nothing seems to work out.

I know how it feels to churn out content that doesn’t get read or generate any money – especially when you’ve worked so hard and diligent to make your blog posts perfect.

I get it. I’ve been there and I know the struggle.

I’m here to tell you, that you don’t have to struggle anymore when it comes to making money blogging.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.

Housekeeping Notes:

Everyone’s path is different. Don’t compare your blogging journey to someone else’s. There is no right or wrong way to making money blogging. It will take time to learn and grow.

Don’t beat yourself up or stress out over blogging. I was guilty of this. I wanted to earn a certain amount of money by a certain date. When that didn’t happen, I freaked out and worried about not being the blogger I wanted to be. Once I began to relax and enjoy my journey, things started working out for me. Relax. Don’t stress over this, just enjoy the journey.

Have fun! Regardless of what’s going on in your blogging life right now or how long it seems to be taking to make money from blogging, have fun and enjoy the ride. Just laugh. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

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Is It Possible To Make Money Blogging If You’ve Just Started Your Blog?

Yes! It is possible to make money blogging with a brand new blog. A myth is that you need tons of traffic in order to make money blogging. This is incorrect. Yes, traffic does play an important part in making money blogging but you don’t need a ton in order to make money.

In order to make money blogging with a new blog, the best method is to understand your audience.

You may have read this before somewhere and you may be tired of hearing it but the fact is, it is necessary to understand your audience if you want to make money blogging.

If you’re new blogging or unsure of who your audience is or how to even begin to attract an audience, worry not.

I’m going to give you the fundamentals that you need in order to attract the right people to your blog to make money starting right away, without a huge amount of traffic. 

The one thing you need to have is a clear direction and stick with that path until it succeeds for you.

The biggest mistake I see a lot of new bloggers making is trying too many different things at once, with none of those things working out in terms of making money.

Focus your attention on that one thing you want to do to earn money with your blog.

So what I want you to do is to grab a piece of paper and write these steps down. This will help you execute and take action on actually making money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard of affiliate marketing before and if you haven’t, this is one of the ways most bloggers chose to monetize their blog. Affiliate marketing is when you are paid a commission for referring someone to a product or service you trust, use and love. You then receive a commission once your referral purchases the product or service. I highly recommend only working with affiliate brands you love and trust. This helps to build trust and credibility between you and your audience.

A couple of questions I get asked a lot is How can I make money with affiliate marketing? How can i be successful with it and make sales?

Step One: Making Money With Affiliate Marketing: Joining Affiliate Programs

In order to make money with affiliate marketing, you first need to join affiliate programs. There are so many programs available to join, but you don’t need to join all of them in order to make money blogging. The key is to join relevant programs that are suitable to your niche, providing value to you and your audience. In order words, join programs that provide products and services you use and love.

Affiliate programs vary in commission rates. Some pay small commissions and others pay large commissions. At the  end of the day, regardless of the commission amount, it is the same amount of work. It is best to choose affiliate programs that pay a higher commission rate so you are earning a larger amount of money.

Here are some affiliate programs I recommend checking out:

Share A Sale (affiliate platform)

Tailwind – (Get a free month of Tailwind when you sign up through my referral link) – (Pinterest and Instagram  scheduling tool)

Creative Market (affiliate partner that sells stock images, templates, website themes and more)

ConvertKit (email list builder)

Bluehost (hosting company)

MaxBounty (affiliate platform)

NameCheap (hosting company)

LeadPages (create landing pages and websites)

I have been a part of these programs. I still use many of them and believe in their products and services.

How To Get Accepted Into Affiliate Programs

  • The best advice I can provide, learning from experience, is to have your own self-hosted blog with your own domain name. You can check out Bluehost if you don’t have your own domain name already. I currently use Bluehost and I absolutely love it. In my opinion, having your own blog domain name, such as whatagreatblog.com, instead of whatagreatblog.wordpress.com, makes you look more professional and credible to your audience.
  • Have a couple of blog posts up on your site before applying. You do not need to have a ton of blog posts, but at least a few will make you look credible even as a brand new blogger. Make sure you proofread and check for spelling errors before publishing your posts. Believe it or not, affiliate partners check for that so make sure your blog posts are grammatically correct!
  •  Make sure that when you are applying to affiliate programs, you talk about how you plan on promoting the product or service. For example, I promote affiliate products through my email list and on social media.

If you are new to blogging, having an email list is key to your success. I highly recommend checking out my free course on starting an email list from scratch. You can check it out here.

A Question I Get Asked A Lot: How Can I Make Money From Blogging If I Don’t Blog About Making Money To Blog?

A huge misconception about making money blogging is that you only can make money from a blog if you talk about blogging for money. This is furthest from the truth. The truth is, you can blog about anything you want and still make money blogging. How you ask?

Simple. Have a concrete plan. Have a firm belief in yourself that you truly can do anything you put your mind to. You can, literally!

Bloggers from all niches make money different ways, but like I mentioned above, the most popular way is affiliate marketing. You can find affiliate products in virtually any niche you choose to blog about.

Bonus Blogging Tip -> -> Create A Resource Page

Having a resource page with all your tools, tips and tricks for blogging can be extremely helpful. You can showcase all your affiliate links on this page as well as the products and services you find helpful.

Make sure to add this page to your main menu so your visitors can easily find your resources and click through your links.

What kind of affiliate links should I list? You can list anything, such as templates, printables, coursesweb hosting services, products and services you find helpful and relevant to your niche, social media scheduling tools, etc. The list is endless.

Step Two: Getting Clicks On Your Links!

Yay! You have your affiliate links, now what?

Be a natural. Talk about your products and services in your blog posts.

Make sure to use text links instead of banner ads. Text links are more clickable because they don’t look like spam or clickbait.

  • Use your affiliate links in the beginning, middle and end of each blog post.
  • Use only relevant affiliate links in your post! If your blog post is about fashion, don’t include affiliate links to recipes or cookbooks. Stay within your niche!
  • Use Pinterest to promote your affiliate links. I have a friend who has an AMAZING Pinterest course that I highly recommend checking out. You can check it out here.
  • Do you have an Instagram account? If you do, add your affiliate links into your profile. You can check out mine as an example.

One of the keys to my success with affiliate marketing has been promoting affiliate links that I use, find useful and that I know can help my audience.

Step Three: Utilizing Pinterest To Skyrocket Your Blogging Business And Make Sales

Pinterest is my ultimate favorite platform to use for my blog. I made one of my very first affiliate sales using Pinterest to promote my favorite product, Bluehost. I got an email that said: Bluehost credited for new account sign up. Congratulations! You have been credited $65 for your referral. 

Once I saw that first email, I was hooked on affiliate marketing and I became a firm believer that it worked. It was possible to actually make money as a blogger. I started pinning in my spare time and it was all I focused on. Pretty soon, I started seeing multiple emails with sales coming in. It was only a matter of time.

If you are a blogger and you have not yet utilized Pinterest in making money blogging, you are missing out on potential sales! I highly recommend checking out this Pinterest course to help you grow your blog, even if you are just starting out with blogging.

Note* Pinterest does not allow Amazon or cloaked links. Basically this means that if you are an Amazon Affiliate, you are not allowed to pin any of your Amazon links to your pins. Cloak links are links that are masked. Such as bit.ly/abc or another URL shortener service. You are, however, allowed to use a link you’ve created with your website. Such as, yourwebsite.com/myaffiliatelink. You must also disclose that your pin is an affiliate link. You can disclose this information by adding #affiliatelink in the description of your pin.

2. Making Money By Creating Your Own Product 

This is by far one of my favorite ways to make money blogging. When you create your own product, you understand what your audience needs and wants and you create an irresistible product that they need in order to solve their problem, whatever that may be. Whether it is learning how to blog from scratchunderstanding Pinterestbuilding a profitable email list or something else, you are the expert in helping them get from where they are to where they want to be.

Creating a digital product can be so fun! You can literally create whatever you want! The sky is the limit and income opportunities are limitless.

Ever heard of millionaire bloggers?


Well, they exist.

One of the main reasons they are millionaire bloggers is from creating their own products and services.  They have mastered the art of understanding what their audience needs and what their audience is willing to pay for.

– Chloe Panta, Bonne Chic

So What Exactly Is A Digital Product?

A digital product or service is anything that does not need to be physically shipped out. This is usually a downloadable item. Examples are:

  1. Digital courses
  2. Membership sites
  3. Templates
  4. Printables
  5.  eBooks
  6. Presets
  7. Graphics

So now that you know what a digital product is, you might be wondering how to create one. I recommend checking out my eBook on digital product creation to help you get going in the right direction. You can check out the eBook here.

Other Services To Offer

Besides creating digital products, you can also offer services. Some services you can consider offering are:

  • Coaching
  • Social Media Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Consulting
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Writing Services

The list is endless…

The best thing to do is to think about your audience and what kind of services they would benefit from. What does your audience need? What do they want to help them solve a problem they are facing?

How Can You Find Clients?

Make sure you build trust and relationships with your audience. Understand what they truly need and what their problem is that you can solve.

If you’re a food blogger, your audience needs recipes – but what kind of recipes? 

  • Do they need quick dinner ideas in under 30 minutes?
  • Are they looking for plant-based meals?

Only you can determine that need by understanding your audience.

Once you understand what they need, you can tailor a service around solving that problem they are facing.

You can also use social media to find clients. Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are great ways to find clients and have helped me tremendously with finding coaching clients.

If you want to learn more about how you can grow your blogging business with the help of a coach, I recommend checking out my coaching services here.

Earning extra income can truly change someone’s life. After all, it changed my life. Giving me the freedom to do whatever I want. I talk a lot about earning extra money because I believe that learning, how to earn money can also change your life. I have put together  a list of 32 ways to make money online working from home.

When you have extra money, it gives you the freedom to:

  • pay off debt
  • save money
  • stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • reach retirement sooner
  • plan to leave your job
  • follow your dreams

If you’re looking for part-time or full-time ways to Earn Extra Income, you’re in the right place.  I’ll show you how you can earn extra income and change your life.

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Below are 26 different ways to make money online as a blogger:

3. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is a great way to Earn Extra Income online.  You can learn to start a blog here.  I even have a free course for learning how to blog and how you can earn an income from it.  I highly recommend you start a blog as it’s a great way to earn an income and have the freedom to be your own boss.

With work and dedication, you can have a successful blog up and running in no time.  Blogging is a great way to earn money online.  You can sign up with Bluehost and start a blog.  I have a free blogging course you can join to help you launch your very own blog.  It’s a free 7-day course to help you start a blog from scratch.

4. Earn Rewards & Free Stuff

Completing surveys is another great way to Earn Extra Income online.  I recommend Quick Rewards as a legitimate site for earning money online.  You can earn rewards by shopping, playing games and taking surveys.

5. Sell Jewelry From Home

Selling jewelry is a cool way to Earn Extra Income.  It allows you to work your own schedule and earn an unlimited income. Born Pretty offers a great work from home program that allows you to host parties, sell online, or host trunk shows.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, this can easily fit into your niche where you can link products you wear (such as jewelry and clothing) in your blog posts and make clickable images.

Ever thought of making and selling your own jewelry?  You can even consider being your own boss with learning how to create your own jewelry line with some cool courses from Creative Live.

6. Get Paid For Your Opinion

Love giving advice?  This might be an awesome way for you to earn money online by get paid to visit websites.

7. Get Paid For Playing Games

If you like playing games, you might as well get paid for it.  Quick Rewards allows you to get paid for playing games and providing your feedback.  It’s a great way to earn part-time income while doing something fun.

8. Get Paid To Be A Freelance Writer

If you have a passion for writing, you can become a Freelance Writer from home. Writers.work is a platform where you can write for many different companies and organizations and become a successful freelance writer. They have legit opportunities to truly work from home and earn a living as a freelance writer.

I’ve personally used Writers.work to help get my start with freelance writing and I highly recommend it if it is something you’d like to get into.

9. Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

If you’ve ever wanted to sell on Amazon or on your own online store, consider creating a dropshipping business.  You can easily setup your own website and sell products online without having to keep inventory in stock.  How cool is that?

10. Create Your Own Course

Creating an online course is one of the best thing’s you can do to diversify your income. If you’re looking to create your own course, you can check out Teachable or Thinkific. These are content creation sites that will help you build out your course.

11. Get Paid To Teach

If you’re knowledgeable in a certain niche or topic, you could teach online.  Udemy and Teachable are two platforms that allow you to showcase your knowledge to the world.

12. Sell On eBay

eBay is a huge marketplace where you can sell virtually anything new or used.  Roam through your closet and sell items you no longer use or set up a full-time business selling in-demand items.

13. Sell On Craigslist

Craigslist can be a great way to sell your items and earn a higher value for it too. You will have to meet up with the person though, so, always be safe.

14. Earn An Extra $16 – $35/hr

If you are looking to make extra cash, consider working for a company that will pay you $16 – $35 per hour based on your skills and what you would enjoy doing. You can check out Start A Career Today to see the different types of open roles for you to help earn some extra cash.

15. Become An Influencer

If you have an opinion, it can be of value to government organizations, non-profit groups and corporations. Though you aren’t paid in cash, you are compensated through rewards programs and gift cards.  If you enjoy helping a worthy cause, then Harris Poll Online may be another way to earn rewards online.

16. Become A Loyalty Reward Member

Some sites, such as EarningStation, allow you to earn rewards online such as taking surveys, watching videos and redeeming coupons.  When you complete the different tasks that are available to you, you can redeem your earnings.

17. Sell On Jet

Jet is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell just about anything. Think of it as an Amazon but with cheaper prices.  You can become a merchant and sell your items.  A lot of items on Jet are mainly household goods.  This is a great way to earn extra income.

 18. Become A Self-Published Author

If you love writing, then creating an eBook or paperback is a good way to earn some extra cash.  You can sign up with Kindle Direct Publishing which let’s you publish your book for free and reach millions of readers.

19. Work For Amazon

You can work from home with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program.  You complete tasks and are paid out on those assignments.

20. Become A Social Media Manager

If you’re savvy with managing social media accounts, keeping followers engaged and have the influencers touch, working as a Social Media Manager might be ideal for you.  You can advertise your services on marketplaces like Fiverr.

If you sign up through my link to Fiverr, you can get 20% off your first purchase when you hire someone for services.

21. Become A Freelancer

You can sign up for sites like Upwork or Guru and work as a freelancer. And You can set your own hours and be your own boss. Also You search for work based on your skills and are paid on the assignments you get hired to work on.

22. Rent Out A Room

If you don’t mind having company around, you can rent out a spare room, or your entire home, on Airbnb. This is an awesome way to earn extra income on the side. It’s a safe and secure site that ensures you rent your home out safely and get paid.  I’ve used Airbnb many times and I now prefer using this site versus staying in a hotel.  It’s way cooler..

Plus, you can get $40 off your first booking if you sign up with my link.

23. Work For Survey Voices

You can easily work full-time or part-time from home with Survey Voices. This site allows you to get paid for taking clinical trial opportunities and completing surveys.

24. Create A YouTube Channel

You can easily create a YouTube channel and get paid for any niche you’re knowledgeable in. You want to start a beauty channel or a video blog about fashion, you get paid per views.  It’s a great way to earn a part-time or full-time income.

25. Work As A Virtual Assistant

Working from home has literally changed my life.  For me, it’s a great experience to work wherever I want. Working as a Virtual Assistant from home can also allow you the same freedom.  Check out sites like Virtual Assistant Jobs and Flex Jobs that can offer you legitimate opportunities working from home as a VA.

26. Work As A Freelance Travel Writer

Writing is my ultimate favorite thing to do (besides traveling!) and I love to write. As a side income, I started freelance writing and I absolutely loved it. I wrote for travel outlets and got paid to travel and write about my adventures.

Each day is different and I try to stick to a schedule. Usually I block off hours at a time to focus on one task at a time and then begin another task once the previous one is completed.

What Lessons Have I Learned As A Blogger?

I started Bonne Chic  in 2016 because I wanted a way to work 100% for myself and eventually leave my corporate career. I also wanted to use my blog as an outlet to help other people make money online and find untraditional ways to earn income.

I found that when I was looking for resources online to make money when I first started blogging, I didn’t find any blogs that got straight to the point. In fact, I didn’t find many blogs helpful at all in what I actually needed to focus on to make money blogging.

I found that a lot of blogs talked about the dynamics of starting a blog, such as be motivated and stay focused, but none talked about the actual strategy. This left me feeling quite frustrated, especially because I actually just wanted to learn how to make money online as a blogger.

As a blogger, I’ve learned that it takes time to create amazing, quality content and to build an audience of people who you can help. There have been days where I didn’t want to think about blogging and there have been days where I rave about it.

I remember when I was so frustrated with making money from my blog because I would do a million things at once, yet nothing got accomplished. I tried so many different ideas that I didn’t just focus on the one idea that worked.

Over time, I learned to stay productive with one thing at a time and only move to another area once the first task was complete.

I sat down and I wrote down my goals for my blog. I knew that eventually one day I wanted to work for myself full-time and not have to rely on a job or anything else for money.

Has blogging been tough?

Yes! There have been tough days just like everyone has days that are tough.

What I learned is to push through. If I am frustrated with something, it is best to take a step back. Sometimes it is even better to ask for help when I need it. Sometimes it is best to take a break. All in all, I always come back stronger, recharged and ready to tackle the next task in front of me.

If you ever come across an obstacle with blogging, my best advice is to ask for help! Especially if it is an area you need help with and you are not an expert.

It’s so much better to spend the money on someone to help you solve problems you can’t rather than wasting time trying to figure something out you aren’t sure about.

For me, that’s some technical stuff and I usually hire someone to help me with that. If you aren’t at the point yet in your blog, that’s ok. Don’t worry about it. You can always look for services like Fiverr to help you with anything you’re stuck on.

Blogging takes work, just like any job or career. Yes, it is fun to blog and work from home but it does require time and effort to see results.

All in all, I’ve learned that:

  • Blogging is fun
  • I can plan my day how I want
  • Blogging takes work
  • You need to have patience with blogging
  • You need a strategic plan to be successful at blogging

Have you started a blog yet? Take my free 7-day course on starting a profitable blog from scratch here.

I hope this blog post has been super helpful to you. Tell me where you are in your blogging journey in the comments below and by all means, if you ever need help along your blogging journey, reach out to me! I am here to help you! 🙂

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Such a great post! I just started my food blog and I can’t wait until it’s up and running 🙂 Thanks for your lovely tips!