A Day In The Life Of A Digital Creator

I started my blogging business in August 2016 because I felt like I was not fulfilling my life’s purpose. I always wanted to work 100% for myself and do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I initially planned for Bonne Chic to be a blog about fashion and drop-shipping but quickly realized that was not where my passion was.

During that time, I started an online clothing company and 2 years prior to that I designed clothes and had a physical boutique. I was fascinated with fashion and I had always dreamed of designing clothes one day. That day came and went and I soon realized a couple years later that I was still meant to do more. Something else with more meaning.


That’s when I realized I wanted to write. I have always loved writing and I’ve kept a journal for as long as I can remember. Instead of writing down my thoughts, I decided to write about my experiences with earning money online and how I was able to make it happen. I wanted others to be able to make a living on their own terms and to know that it was possible.

I knew first hand what it was like to struggle and wonder where the money for the rent was going to come from or how to get across town with the gas tank close to “E”. I knew that feeling and I knew I would live a better life than that going forward and I strived ever since to live the life of my dreams.

Since then, I’ve done a lot and I’ve worn many hats. I acted in commercials on TV and I even wrote, produced and starred in my own mini TV series. I ran a boutique physically and virtually. I worked in Corporate America and I became a content creator and a blogger. I know the ends and outs of the industry when it comes to blogging and I find myself as in expert in making dreams come true.

I studied it.

I searched high and low to find the answers of how I could remove limiting beliefs from my psyche to create a limitless life.

And that is what I want to talk to you about today.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and all of a sudden, I was a content creator. I had years of trial and error and mistakes I learned from that got me here today. I want to show you what it is like. A day in my life.

Today I want to share with you a day in my life as a content creator. It didn’t always start off like this and it changes constantly but for now, this is what my life looks like on a daily basis as a creator of magical content.

Usually during the week, I start my day off by waking up between 5:30 and 6 am. I’ve always been an early riser and the earlier I wake up, the more time I have in my day. I start off by doing mediation and yoga, followed by an hour-long session of strength training. This allows me to have a clear mind and body and I feel good after taking care of myself. I believe in self-care and the power of incorporating it into my everyday life.

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I don’t go straight into checking emails or social media. I write in my journal what I’m grateful for and how I’m feeling and accomplishments I’ve made. Even if they’re small accomplishments – like finishing a blog post or completing an interview questionnaire for a brand or influencer collaboration; everything counts.

Usually, after I finish time in gratitude and self-care, I check my emails for anything important and respond back. I then tackle what’s next on my list. I start with tackling the most important thing and go from there. Usually something that takes some time will always take precedence over something else. If that’s capturing photos or finishing a blog post, those will usually come first. I try to break down my larger projects into small, bite-sized pieces. That way, I don’t get overwhelmed or feel paralyzed by the amount of time something will take.

I try and take frequent breaks, at least for 10 minutes or so every hour as sometimes I can become so engulfed in something that I lose track of time and can stay at my desk for hours on end. As a content creator, I spend so much time making sure that I’m providing value to you, my reader, so that if you’re looking for a bit of information or a golden nugget, my posts can help you along in your journey to creating amazing content for your very own audience.

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Study, Study, Study

I spend so much time researching and studying my niche it’s insane. I am always trying to master my craft and I will forever be a student of life. Content creation is an ever evolving industry, whether you’re blogging, creating videos or influencing your audience on social media, creating amazing content is the key to engaging your audience and turning clicks into cash.

I started getting in the habit of reading up on industry news and incorporate that into my schedule. Whether it’s watching a webinar or being apart of a group study, I want to know what top creators are doing so I can always provide the best value to my audience.

One of the hardest tasks that I had to master (and continue to tweak) is to hone in on my audience. Understanding your audience is key and this is something I work on constantly. I know exact data to target my audience and I use these key metrics to grow and engage my audience. I identify my audience by their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Salary
  • Interests
  • Urgent need-to-solve problem

Besides studying and researching my industry and my niche, I also spend time generating ideas on posts and scheduling out posts for the week and filling in my calendar for posts and content for the month. I love using Tailwind as this is the best tool that helps me schedule content on Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re looking to schedule your content and save tons of time, I recommend you give Tailwind a try. They are offering a free trial if you sign up using my link (and no credit card is required to join :-)). You can sign up here.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite, favorite, favorite way to earn money as a content creator. This takes a bit of my time to work on and I could never get tired of working on AM. If you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, it is when you promote a product or service of another brand or partner company and receive a commission when someone makes a purchase through your link.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that your audience doesn’t pay extra when they purchase through your link (and sometimes through partnerships or brands, they pay less than the average consumer). Because I’m a blogger and I create content on my blog, I usually promote brands that are beneficial to my audience and to myself. I only ever promote brands that I currently use or have used in the past or strongly believe in as far as value.

I’d never recommend a product or service that isn’t valuable or worthy of helping someone in some form in their business.

One of my favorite brands to promote to help other bloggers who are looking to start their blog is Bluehost. I love their products and services and I host my blog through Bluehost. If you’re looking to start a blog and need help with getting started, I’ve created an in-depth tutorial to get you up and running in less than 30 minutes with a brand new blog, ready to earn money. You can check out my tutorial here.

Affiliate marketing makes up about half of my business income. I love AM because it allows me to do the work once and reap the benefits over and over again. I literally have gone to sleep and woke up to notifications of sales in my inbox. This is my favorite way to earn money and I love working on growing my affiliate income.

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Create Content

This may seem like a no-brainer but creating content is at the forefront of my business. There is a lot that goes into a personal brand and ensuring that fresh content is produced on a regular basis. This used to be a huge mystery to me. I would always wonder how some brands and creators seemed to easily and effortlessly produce content, day in and day out. Then it dawned on me – they run their businesses in quarterly segments. I quickly followed suit.

Instead of writing one blog post per week whenever I got a great idea about what I wanted to write about, I started to create content in batches. This allowed me to free-up a lot of my time and focus on what I love doing the most – reading, traveling and of course coming up with more ideas for topics to write about.

I used a systematic process to streamline my business to make it easy for me to continuously create content and automate my business – even when I’m not working.

Yes, I love what I do but I also want to do other things that are non-work related and know that my automated streams of income are abundantly flowing in.

If you’re looking to automate your social media content, I’d recommend using Tailwind. I absolutely love Tailwind and it streamlines my business easily and effortlessly.

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Taking photos is one of my favorite things to do as a content creator. I love how I get to tell stories with my photos and give my audience a chance to take a peek inside my world and my work.

Taking photos can be exhilarating but also require a lot of work. Depending on the location shoot, you have to be mindful of other people, private property and last but definitely not least – getting the shot. I know a lot of creators and influencers make photoshoots look easy but behind the scenes there are countless hours that go into editing, re-taking shots and filming to get everything just right.

I live in Los Angeles so there is always a beautiful place right around the corner for me to explore or to express my creative imagery. When taking photos, make sure you’re taking photos in a location that represent you (or the brand you’re representing if you’re doing a paid partnership). No matter where you live, you can express yourself creatively.

I typically opt for beautiful scenes with lots of greenery or some body of water or mountainous terrain and those are the ideals that describe me and I love being in nature. I believe we’re connected to nature and getting out in fresh air as often as possible is rejuvenating to me.

I also just love being outside in nature in general. I typically blend natural settings with a splash of class.

As far as equipment goes, I use the Canon Rebel T5 for my photos and sometimes I even use my iPhone XS Max to capture the perfect photo or video. I’ve always had a camera since I began my blogging and content creation career but if you’re just starting out, I’d suggest starting with what you have and growing to purchasing more equipment as you need it.

So, this is my life in a day as content creator. Some days are the same and others are quite different. This weekend, for example, I spent the entire weekend on a photoshoot for the blog and also working with my social media team. My weeks are not typical.

Some weekends I work (but it doesn’t feel like work to me) and sometimes throughout the week days I take a break. It just depends on what’s going on and what needs to be accomplished. Keep in mind that even though I am my own boss, I still have to work. I manage my own schedule instead of someone else telling me what to do.

Being a content creator has its ups and downs. On the plus side, I can work whenever I want to, when I want to. On another note, sometimes even when I don’t feel like working, I still have to get projects done. So even though I don’t have to report to anyone, I still have to work 🙂

I know a lot of people may make it seem like working as a content creator is glamorous (and it can be) but it does require diligence, time, consistency and most importantly time management. As my own boss, no one’s going to tap me on my shoulder and tell me my project is due in 2 days. I have that responsibility left up to myself. Three things working in Corporate America has taught me is responsibility, organizational management and time management. If you don’t have these three fundamentals down pact, then I’d recommend taking an online course on them. They really are the fundamentals to your business and without them (or the right mindset), your business could fall apart.

So that pretty much wraps up a day in my life. Comment below and let me know how you typically spend your day working on your business. I’d love to hear all about it! 🙂

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September 6, 2020 2:48 pm

Love this so much! ? I’ve always been curious about the day-to-day life of established content creators. Thanks for sharing. Any tips for someone just starting out?