Hey there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Chloe Panta and this is my personal money making and lifestyle blog.  I love to talk about personal finances, earning money online and personal development.  I started this blog in September 2016 when I left my corporate job behind to pursue my dreams. I wanted to start an online business that would allow me to live life on my own terms.

Along my personal journey, I’ve dropped over 50 lbs. and have learned how to manage my personal finances and pay off over $60,000 worth of debt in 11 months.

I started this blog to let you know that it is possible to live out your dreams to the fullest.  I’ve been able to manifest my dreams into living realities and have been living my best life yet.  I want to let you know that whatever it is you want to do, it is possible. Not too long ago, I was frustrated and I didn’t have a plan in place to reach my goals of financial freedom.  After determination, a solid plan in place and faith in myself to make it happen; I did just that.

This blog is my personal journey into happiness, living my life on my terms and doing what I want, when I want to.


If you’re looking to start a blog, I suggest you check out my post on How to Start a Money Making Blog from Scratch. This is my step-by-step formula that I used to create my blog, which has allowed me to live life on my terms.

I want you to embark on this thing called life with me as you peer through the looking-glass at what goes on through my eyes.

I love teaching and and being able to share my experiences of how I’ve manifested over six figures into my career from home as a blogger, consultant and freelancer. Regardless of what your heart desires, I love spreading the word of how you can achieve anything that you want in this life to be yours.


Chloe A. from Bonne Chic