Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas To Inspire You in 2021

When it comes to your bedroom, you want to make sure that you have the most amazing room décor to capture the theme of your aesthetic space. Your bedroom is where you spend lots of time, relax and sleep. You should enjoy your space and fall madly in love with your bedroom.

Sometimes it isn’t always easy to come up with ideas for creating your dream room. In this post, you will find different types of aesthetics to help you bring your ideas to life, whether you are looking to decorate a small space or large space.

There are so many ideas whether you are upgrading your room or creating a simple aesthetic décor change to create your perfect bedroom. In this list, you will find aesthetic bedroom ideas to inspire you to create your dream room in no time.

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If you are wanting to decorate your space, here are the best aesthetic room ideas to help you create an amazing bedroom design.

Aesthetic Room Ideas


1. Bold Colors

Get creative when it comes to your bedroom. Bold colors make your bedroom pop and add personality and flair to your room. Consider adding modern decor such as lamps or wall art to help bring out your style.

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Even if you can’t paint your walls a bold color, consider adding pops of color with your throw or bed set. Adding plants and throw pillows can also bring out your bedroom design. Pendant lights are also a great idea to bring out the interior design of your room.

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Adding wall decor, books and home decor furnishings to your room will make it stand out and create an appeasing aesthetic design. Also consider using an interior designer to help you with coming up with great ideas to bring new life into your room.

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2. Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to your bedroom design, a minimalist design may be something to consider. With just the bare necessities such as a small table lamp and a plant, you can create the designer room of your dreams with small, simple touches.


An important element for achieving the minimalist look is to add neutral tones throughout the room. Consider adding white or a neutral color for bedding and throw pillows.

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For a minimalist design, try adding a neutral tone and two chairs instead of side tables for practicality and functionality. A small indoor plant also adds character. Bare walls are typical for the minimalist look. You can opt for molding on the walls as a great decor idea.

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3. Pendant Lights

One of the best things about creating an aesthetic bedroom is how easy and affordable it can be. Small, simple touches can change a small room or large room so much by adding your decor ideas.


Pendant lights add texture and an industrial feel to your room. You can piece everything together by adding your duvet, throw pillows and a great bed frame to bring your design ideas to life.

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You can create a lovely designer look even with a small room – just add a single pendant light to create your own unique style to your room. Consider adding an antique piece to create the room of your dreams.

4. Fairy Lights

Create an airy and dreamy bedroom with fairy lights. Choose any decor you like by bringing out your inner designer and create the perfect space. Whether you are decorating a dorm room or your master suite, get your creative juices flowing and design your dream room.

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Consider hanging the lights over your bed frame for an intimate and cozy room. Add some indoor plants and colorful throw pillows to bring out your style.

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Add a moody theme to your home decor with fairy lights over your wall. Mix warm and dark-colored bedding to create visual interest to your bedroom design.

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5. White Bedroom Ideas

Nothing says relaxation more than a white bedroom. Instead of over complicating your bedroom renovation ideas, keep things simple with going back to the basics and creating an all-white bedroom design that will give you peace, calm and serenity right at home. Consider it a retreat right in your newly decorated bedroom.

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Create a beautiful aesthetic with an all white bedroom. Add table lamps and a side table for added decor. Bring in natural light with white curtains to create the perfect bedroom retreat you can easily escape to.

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Maybe all white is not your thing and you want more pops of color throughout your room. Consider adding a wooden bed frame or shades of gray. A chunky cable-knit throw atop white bedding adds softness to your room. Wall art and plants give you fresh, natural color to keep your room nice and neutral.

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6. Dark Bedroom Ideas

For a more dramatic look, dark bedroom ideas are perfect for you to consider if you want more texture and flair added to your room. Dark rooms are perfect for getting a good night’s sleep. Deep greens, dark grays, striking reds, chocolate browns and rich navy blues are the best choices for a dramatic bedroom design scheme.


Add rich hues and layers of textures to bring out your bedroom with accent pillows and throws. With a mix of modern and classic aesthetics, you can create a beautifully designed bedroom theme that you will fall in love with.

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Get creative with pops of color to add texture and style. Consider choosing a dark palette for your walls and brightening your bedding with lighter hues for the ultimate moody bedroom design.

7. Modern Bedroom Designs

When creating a modern bedroom design, think of sleek, luxe and polished all combined into one. When you want to create a sophisticated room, you don’t have to break the bank to create a rich theme. You can create a modern aesthetic that incorporate luxe bedding, a pop of color and rich materials to create a clean and cozy environment.

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Adding home decor items to your room can bring out your style even more. Consider adding an art deco mirror or pendant lights to bring industrial chic to your modern space.

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Find a neutral palette with your favorite color that is subtle, yet rich with hue. Add more light to your room with pendant lights and pops of color with your throw pillow decor. Create warmth by adding a neutral tone floor rug to bring your space together for the ultimate designer bedroom.

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8. Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

If you love lots of texture, colors and anything but the ordinary, the bohemian style may be just for you. Create a fun look with furniture pieces, accents and small items to make your room stand out. Whether you like shag rugs, large indoor plants or colorful throws, design your masterpiece boho-styled bedroom and fall in love with what you create.


Wood and rattan create an aesthetically pleasing boho theme that isn’t too dramatic. It creates a beautiful flow and a modern twist on your bohemian bedroom idea theme.

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A modern-style boho theme is perfect for you if you love textiles and art deco but want to add a modern flair. Consider adding wooden pieces and furniture to your bedroom decor to bring out your unique style. Plants and a cable-knit throw add the right touches to create an aesthetically pleasing room.

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9. Small Bedroom Ideas

With a small bedroom, you may feel as though your options for room aesthetics are limited. With these ideas, you can create your dream bedroom regardless of its size. Take a look at some ideas to get your creativity flowing for creating the bedroom of your dreams.


The key to making the best use of space with a small bedroom is to use secret spaces. Consider creating a book shelf over your bed. You can even use the space on the walls and under your bed to give you the freedom to store more items and create more space in your room. Use a small stool instead of a bench to store a blanket or other small items.

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10. Country Style Bedroom

Spark your imagination and create a rustic country-themed bedroom. It is easy to adapt with any budget and there are so many styles to choose from when you create vibe you want for your bedroom. Rustic wood flooring can help bring any country style to life and give your room the makeover you desire.

country style bedroom

Adding the perfect home decor pieces to your room will really bring out your country style theme. Adding antique items, such as table lamps, clocks and bird cages will really bring out the country style of your dreams.

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11. French Country Bedroom Ideas

French country style is all about finding a warm palette against a soft, creamy white backdrop. Toile, or linen fabric or canvas linen is what ties the French country theme all together. You can mix toile with florals, checks or stripes for a truly inspiring French country theme.


The French country style is a combination of old-world France and rustic inspirations of the French countryside. Your bedroom should be feminine and have an overall gentleness. It is a combination of casual and elegance, which makes this bedroom aesthetic the perfect blend of luxury refined.

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12. Feminine Bedroom Aesthetic Ideas

Creating a feminine bedroom aesthetic is all about creating soft, muted colors, such as creamy neutrals and light pastels. Some accessories that can also help you achieve this look are faceted crystals, mirrors and marbles which add the perfect feminine touch.


To achieve the perfect feminine aesthetic, you will want to favor items with soft, round edges instead of items that have hard lines and geometrical shapes. Feminine decor rooms are achieved by adding curves and decorative textiles to master the feminine look.

13. English Country Bedroom Ideas


If you love English country then you are in for a treat. Try incorporating florals into your bedroom decor theme. Whether you choose fresh flowers, upholstery, wall paper or drapery, having florals is what sets the tone for this charming English style.

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14. Vintage Bedroom Ideas


Charming, old-fashioned and a bit romantic can all describe the vintage bedroom which is perfect if you are looking for a versatile and beautifully decorated bedroom. You can be as creative as you like by mixing and matching vintage pieces to bring your dream room to life.

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15. DIY Headboard


Get crafty and create the headboard that fits your unique style. You can decorate your room within your unique budget and create a new bedroom decor aesthetic in a weekend! Take your bedroom from boring to absolutely amazing and design the bedroom headboard of your dreams.

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16. Accent Wall Bedroom Ideas


Have some fun with your room by creating an accent wall. Ideal for any budget, you can create the perfect aesthetic that will really bring out your room. Jazz up your bedroom by adding small touches such as flowers or home decor pieces to show off your creativity.

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17. Cozy Bedroom Ideas

cozy bedroom ideas

Get comfy and cozy with textured bedding and cozy pillows to create a warm pallet that will make you want to snuggle up under the covers and get comfortable. No matter the size of your room, you can create a soothing and inviting environment by adding warm, neutral colors such as browns and yellows. Add your special touch by including candles, wood pieces and blankets.

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18. Blue and White Bedroom


Blue is such a soothing hue to add to your space, white and warm neutrals bring in tranquility, creating a serene environment. Create the perfect mix of seaside inspiration and modern luxury with this soft shade of blue and lovely mixes of whites and neutrals to create an inviting and warm bedroom.

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19. Neutral Tones


Warm palettes create a warm and inviting room. Use warm colors to create the perfect mood for your bedroom aesthetic. You can create a clean and serene look by sticking to a palette of earth-tone neutrals. You can create a romantic look or go for country chic to bring out the aesthetic of your dreams.

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20. Yellow and White Bedroom


Sunny and cheerful tones are all you need to create a warm and welcoming bedroom. You can mix neutral shades to create cozy vibes and pristine whites to give off a crisp and clean feel when you step into your space. Add subtle details such as portraits and table lamps that fit into your color scheme for the ultimate pleasant bedroom aesthetic.

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21. Cottage Bedroom


Using antique furniture and accessories is what makes up the cottage style bedroom. Recreate your favorite cottage look by using decorative pieces from the nineteenth or twentieth century. This style is fun to create and easy when you add antique picture frames, antique mirrors and trinkets to complete your bedroom cottage decor.

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