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Speaker 1: Apple Vision Pro will change the way we communicate, collaborate, function, and appreciate leisure. And the Walt Disney Organization is the world’s chief in leisure. So I’m thrilled to introduce Bob Iger, c e o of Disney.

Speaker 2: Thanks, Tim. It’s a privilege to be here with you for this momentous celebration. As the Walt Disney Firm celebrates our hundredth anniversary, we’re proudly reflecting on [00:00:30] our abundant legacy of innovation and storytelling, while also hunting to our potential with enthusiasm and optimism. We are frequently in search of new ways to entertain, tell, and inspire our enthusiasts by combining incredible creativeness with groundbreaking technologies to build definitely exceptional encounters. And we consider Apple Eyesight Professional is a groundbreaking platform that can make our eyesight a reality. [00:01:00] The to start with time I tried out Apple Eyesight Professional, the matter that struck me the most was how it will permit us to generate deeply particular encounters that bring our followers closer to the figures they adore and far more deeply immersed in our tales. This platform will let us to carry Disney to our admirers in approaches that have been previously impossible. We are greatly psyched to give you a sneak peek of just some of the issues that we’ve been dreaming up. So get a seem.

Speaker 3: [00:01:30] What if all the matters that we believed had been not possible have been all of a sudden probable? You could working experience your favorite tales in sudden methods

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Speaker 3: In unbelievable spots. You could do more than just enjoy sports activities. You could be at the video game without the need of leaving your household or be component of the motion like under no circumstances in advance of. What if you could journey [00:02:30] on a Nationwide Geographic experience from your couch? Or if your imaginary mates,

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Speaker 3: weren’t fairly so imaginary? What if you could bring Disney Entire world into your world? And what if you could a superhero [00:03:00] and seek the respond to to the top query? What if

Speaker 5: Space time, fact? It truly is extra than a are living Japan. It is really a prism of infinite choices, imperceptible to most, but not to you.

Speaker 2: [00:03:30] We are so proud to however once more be partnering the biggest storytelling organization in the earth with the most revolutionary technology organization in the world to convey you true daily life magic. And I am thrilled to announce that Disney Additionally will be accessible on day a person. These are just a couple of the methods we can carry Disney into your earth with Apple Eyesight Pro, and we’re looking forward to sharing more in the coming months.

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