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Welcome to our Bayonetta 3 Full Walkthrough Guide hub!

This Bayonetta 3 Walkthrough, which includes all collectibles, will guide you through the game, chapter by chapter, showing you the location of every hidden item. We awarded the game 10/10 in our Bayonetta 3 review, describing it as “a stunning return for an icon, and the best game in the series.”

As part of this Bayonetta 3 guide, we’ll also include details on post-game unlockable modes as well as a selection of tips and tricks.

Note: This Bayonetta 3 Walkthrough is currently a work-in-progress, so bear with us as we finish up finding every last item on our way to 100% completion of Bayo’s latest and greatest adventure.

Bayonetta 3 Guide: Walkthrough

Bayonetta 3
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This first section of our Bayonetta 3 guide is a full walkthrough of every chapter and side mission in the game. It will guide you to the location of all collectibles needed for 100% completion so that you don’t miss any items. We also offer tips and strategic advice along the way.


Main Chapters and Side Missions

Bayonetta 3 Guide: All Collectibles

Bayonetta 3
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In this part of our Bayonetta 3 guide, we’ll list all collectibles in the game. This includes the location of every hidden Figure Box, Card Pack, Record, Echoes of Memory, Umbran Tears of Blood, and Verse.

We’ll also show you where you can find Broken Witch Hearts, Witch Hearts, Broken Moon Pearls, Moon Pearls, and Medallion Shards.

Collectible Locations

How To Unlock All Weapons

Here you’ll find the criteria to unlock all weapons in Bayonetta 3.


Here we’ll tell you how to unlock certain Bayonetta 3 secrets.

Previously on Bayonetta: The Story So Far

Bayonetta 3
Image: Nintendo

In this section, we cover the characters and the broad narrative strokes of the first Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, recapping all the details and information you need to know before diving into Bayonetta 3.

Where To Buy Bayonetta 3

If for some reason you’re reading a guide for a game you don’t own — hey, it’s possible! — you can check out the best Bayonetta 3 deals in our guide below:

Bayonetta 3
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That’s all for our Bayonetta 3 guide at the moment. Remember, this is a work-in-progress at the time of writing, so be sure to check back for any missing items and information as we add it in the coming days!

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