Everything You Need To Know About Instagram

Instagram, like all social media, is getting a bad rep at the moment. Many blame the increase in mental health disorders and the pressures on young people on social media, but is it social media that’s to blame or is it the way we use it? 

Instagram has 500 million active users, and this number is growing every day. There must be a reason for this. Instagram users are very active, and they “like” 4.2 billion posts per day. There is no denying its popularity, so what makes it so popular, and why is it actually good to be using it?

It’s Great For Photos

People love to take photos, and they also love to look at other people’s photos and get a glimpse into their lives. Instagram is very visual and depending on who you follow; you could open up your Instagram app and be greeted by beautiful photos of food, stunning scenery or artwork. There are so many people on Instagram that you can find the right accounts that make you feel good. Equally, if you enjoy taking and sharing photos, then this is the place for you. 

You Could Make A Career Out Of It

Instagram has meant careers for many people. Influencers weren’t really a thing before Instagram, and now it’s a genuine career in which people are doing very well out of. If people love what you do on there and you manage to get a big enough following, then businesses will want to collaborate with you and get you to advertise their products or services. It can take a long time to build up a following of this stature, but there are ways around that as if you’re really serious about making a career out of Instagram or boosting your presence on there to promote your business, then you can use a service like instalavista to bump up your followers. 

It’s Easy To Use

If you’re new to Instagram, then it doesn’t take long to get used to it and to start enjoying it. Instagram is easy to post pictures and videos; it’s easy to find people to follow, easy to find people that you know and easy for them to find you too.

You Can Control What You See

While some people find Instagram unrealistic and depressing, it is up to you what you look at and who you follow. People, of course, choose to show the highlights of their lives, they show themselves in their best light, and you never get to see all the photos that get deleted before the final one is posted. But if you’re following an account which isn’t making you feel good then don’t follow them any more. There are loads of accounts on there which are full of positivity, honesty, hints and tips and can be really beneficial to you and you’re everyday life. 

You Can Make Friends

It’s more and more common to make friends these days with people you have never met. There are some amazing Instagrammers out there who are inspiring and educational, and there are others who could be the other side of the world but going through something in their life that you are too. It’s so easy to connect and talk to people you might not otherwise meet. 

So how do you use Instagram? For work, pleasure? Are you an influencer? Comment below! 🙂