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Any person who grows fruit and greens should really now be reaping the benefits of their challenging labour, as quite a few crops are ready for harvesting.

The issue is, how do you retail store them all – specially if you’re just about to go on vacation?

Numerous households simply cannot manage all the runner beans and courgettes they have developed this season, let by yourself the summer fruit which has to be picked when ripe.

Of class, there is the option of supplying the surplus to good friends, spouse and children and neighbours – or even leaving a box exterior your entrance gate inviting people today to help on their own.

But so generally, folks conclude up possibly chucking absent their surplus or throwing it on the compost heap.

However there are crops harvested during the summer months which you can delight in taking in in the months forward, offered you shop them thoroughly.

And if you run out of room in your freezer, recall that potatoes, carrots, beetroots, parsnips, leeks and sprouts can be left in the floor or on the plant until finally expected in the winter.


Lots of veggies, such as courgettes, eco-friendly beans and sweetcorn, will deteriorate and drop their colour and flavour if you just chuck them in the freezer after selecting.

Blanching – boiling for a extremely brief period of time – is the solution if you want your veg to keep their flavour, texture and color.

Place them into boiling water for up to three minutes (sweetcorn necessitates up to six minutes) ahead of cooling them speedily by plunging them into a bowl of iced h2o. When you’ve done that and they’ve been cooled and patted dry, they are completely ready for freezing.


Continue to keep other surpluses of veggies by liquidising them, freezing them in baggage or food items containers and making use of them as a base for soup.

Summer months fruits

Raspberry enthusiasts should freeze raspberries in a solitary layer on trays. The moment frozen, the fruits really should be transferred to freezer bags or airtight containers, which will make them much easier to independent when demanded.

Redcurrants also make beneficial fruits in the winter season, pepping up puddings and pies, and should be frozen in the same way as raspberries.

If you select blackcurrants when they have ripened thoroughly, they also freeze effectively and you can help save time by freezing whole bunches.

Anyone who has ever tried using to freeze strawberries will know that they commonly end up a soggy mess in the course of the defrosting approach.

So if you want the summer style of strawberries, puree them in advance of freezing and they can be added to ice cream in winter season or utilized as a coulis with a delightful chocolate dessert.

Beans and peas

Lots of types will freeze very well, which includes dwarf French beans, yard peas, wide beans and mangetout. They really should be blanched and frozen in tiny portions – more than enough for your family’s needs.


Cauliflower and calabrese can also be blanched and frozen – the ideal way is to get rid of the premier stalks and different them into florets, freezing on metallic trays prior to transferring to a bag.


To freeze spinach, cook it 1st, eradicating the stalks and then simmer right until gentle. It can then be squeezed to eradicate the excess h2o, rolled into balls and frozen.


Tomatoes do not freeze very well as a entire fruit, but the reply is to skin them. Do this by pouring in excess of boiling water, leaving for a couple of minutes and then the pores and skin should really arrive off conveniently.

After that you can puree and freeze them, all set to insert to bolognese and other tomato-based pasta sauces or casseroles.


Slice the courgettes into thick wheels and boil them for about a moment in advance of plunging them into a bowl of iced drinking water. Pat them dry with kitchen area paper then spot them on a tray and put them in the freezer. After frozen, they can be transferred into a freezer bag and frozen for up to a year.


Anyone with a glut of ripe herbs should also just take action now, simply because they are great afterwards on in the calendar year.

You can freeze coriander, basil, mint, parsley and thyme in an ice cube tray. Blanch sprigs of herbs by dipping them in boiling drinking water for a couple seconds until the color intensifies and then chop them about and transfer them into particular person compartments of the ice dice tray.

They need to then be lined with water and frozen – then you can transfer them to baggage. Alternatively, pack the herbs into butter and freeze that in cubes, or include them to flavour olive oil or wine vinegar.

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