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On December 30th, ATEEZ released ‘Spin Off: From the Witness’ and released the music video for the title song ‘HALAZIA’. The music video for ‘HALAZIA’ has an unusual atmosphere from the start, and ATEEZ wearing a cape appears, emerging from among collapsed buildings and starting to dance. Afterwards, the round object that floats toward the sky falls down by everyone’s power, leaving a lingering sound by making a large bell ringing.

This music video reveals a grander and larger scale than ever with a desolate dystopia world and soaring flames, while ATEEZ’s sword-like sharp group performance makes it impossible to take your eyes off. Through the lyrics, “Um, the little blue bird that has lost its sound / I can hear the whisper / The deep resonance that begins / The voice that will turn the world upside down,” ATEEZ shows how the whisper of a little blue bird in a cold world becomes an earnest cry for the light.


ATEEZ said at the scene that they were nervous and happy to see the fans up close. It feels like one more new memory has accumulated, and they will become ATEEZ that can live up to the heart that has waited for them. They also thanked their fans for supporting every comeback of theirs. HALAZIA is a combination of a bass line that expresses a heavy resonance and a splendid sound. It is a song that adds strength to ATEEZ’s voice to deliver a message of hope in the dark, and Hongjoong and Mingi participated in writing the lyrics. Also, in this single, ‘Idiotape’ and ‘Glencheck’, which represent domestic electronic music,


ATEEZ has presented a narrative worldview from the ‘Treasure’ series to the ‘Fever’ and ‘The World’ series. HALAZIA also proves the value of ATEEZ’s name. It is characterized by a story that is shown from the point of view of an anonymous witness. ATEEZ, who debuted on October 24, 2018 with the meaning of ‘A TEENAGE Z’ and with the aspiration to ‘include everything of teenagers’, is now a team representing the 4th generation K-pop boy group. It is one from the beginning, they received a response mainly from overseas, and took 3rd place in the Mnet survival program ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’, which ended in June of last year, and made their name known to K-pop fans. It is forming a maniac fandom with a unique worldview of the pirate king concept, such as calling the leader as the captain.

ATEEZ’s previous performance:

On SBS’ ‘2022 Gayo Daejeon’, which aired on the 24th, ATEEZ, who continued their active activities this year, such as album activities, world tours, and OSTs, appeared and presented various stages. 

On this day, ATEEZ stood on the stage of the challenge that shone in 2022 and drew attention by perfecting Crush’s Rush Hour (Feat. J-Hope of BTS) and Psy’s That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS).” Afterwards, ATEEZ, clad in capes, reappeared filling the stage and performed the song “New World,” which was included in “THEWORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT,” released in July. 

ATEEZ’s achievements:

Previously, ATEEZ not only ranked 3rd on the ‘Billboard 200’ through ‘The World Episode 1: Movement’, but also set their own best record every day, such as recording their first ‘Million Seller’ after winning on music shows. In addition to being active in various fields such as OST, MC, and DJ, they will continue their world tour in Europe in the upcoming 2023 to attract K-pop fans around the world.

Here are 5 aspects of the HALAZIA MV that stood out to us :- 

The concept 

While Guerilla had the apocalyptic look and sound, HALAZIA follows the same but adds a different feeling as it is more desperate and angry as the world comes to an end and it seems ATEEZ is ready to break out from the miserable situation. The manic look along with the futuristic concept adds a new look for ATEEZ, which suits them. 

The song

HALAZIA is an EDM and noise track that gives vocals and lyrics importance. Jongho’s beautiful voice in the chorus coupled with the fast paced instrumental has an impact on the listener. The lyrics point out how they want to break out from the clasps of the regiment that have destroyed everything beautiful around them. They also sing about the sad reality of us living in a shackled free world and that reality people cannot see because of the things they have with them. The meaning of loss, pain and grief stands out in the song. 


Being a dance-centric group, they have, once again, taken over with their strong choreography which showcases the lyrics and the situation beautifully. It is a sight to see them work harmoniously and deliver an award worthy performance in the MV 


Hongjoong and Mingi, as always, have given a beautiful performance with their beautiful rapping skills and take over the screen the moment the words come out of their mouth like butter. 


Jongho just keeps topping his performance in every comeback and he did it again in HALAZIA. Wooyoung, San, Yunho, Yeosang and Seonghwa were amazing vocalists themselves and brought so much life to the song. 

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