How I Started My Six Figure Online Business

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have a six figure online business.  I wanted to be successful in something online that would allow me to travel the world. I wanted to do something related to fashion and beauty as I am passionate about both.

Some people will tell you to do what makes the most money.  I don’t believe in that motto.  Do something you’re passionate about.  You’ll never work a day in your life again.

How I Started My Six Figure Online Business

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I love fashion and beauty.  Fashion is important to me because I like expressing myself through my sense of style.  I like how the fabric feels against my skin and how it smells.  I love feeling good about myself and how I look is important to me.  Fashion helps me feel good and look good.  Beauty is a God-giving attribute. We can further enhance our natural beauty by taking care of our bodies.  Along this journey called life, I lost 50 lbs. and I feel good when I look in the mirror.  Adding to that self-love is important.  I am grateful for being able to have passions and share those passions with others, to help them feel absolutely gorgeous as well.

With that said, I knew I wanted to own an online business related to fashion and beauty.  I had it figured out.  And I decided to give eBay a shot.  I had a desire at this time in my life to sell hair extensions and did pretty well.  At this point in my life, I was 19.  This was back in 2005.  eBay was King.  I was making money with a successful dropshipping business.  I asked myself a few simple questions and I was up and running within a few days.

Updated July 18, 2018

What do you want to do with your life? 

Travel the world and get to know myself on a more spiritual and deeper level.

What about resources?

I’ll start a six figure online business that will allow me to do what I want, when I want.

And how will you obtain resources to create this six figure online business?

I’ll accomplish this by selling hair extensions to people around the world.

Ok done.  It was really quite that simple.  At that time in my life, I was obsessed with hair extensions.  I loved how they could make a woman look and feel beautiful and how her confidence level immediately shot up.  I wanted to provide that service to her.  My clients were all over the world.  They came from all walks of life and they were satisfied when they ordered from me.  This was the ultimate satisfaction; finding a problem and providing a solution. I had created the power to make a woman feel beautiful.  That was powerful to me.  In exchange for providing her that service, I was compensated.

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In case you don’t already know, in order to be successful in life, you need to provide a service.  What problem can you fix?  What solution can you provide?  Even if you bake pies and sell them, you’re providing the service of a smile on someone’s face when they eat your pie.  When you go in to get an oil change, the mechanic is providing you a service.  No matter what you want to do, it can be done.  Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.  Nowadays you can sell potatoes with hand-written notes and live the life of your dreams.

 Once you figure out what it is you want to do, let’s narrow down a plan of action.

Don’t have a plan?  Don’t panic.

Write down everything that makes you happy.  No matter how silly it may be, write it down.  Once you have your list, continue reading.

Now to the nitty gritty.

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Once upon a time, I worked in Corporate America.  What happened to eBay, you ask? It eventually turned into something I no longer wanted to do. It was a platform for selling products and it made me money, but I eventually realized the customers I acquired from eBay would always be customers of eBay.

I wanted to branch out on my own and create my own website and create a list of subscribers who trusted and believed in me and my products. I stopped selling on eBay and got a job that would help me along my journey. The plan I had set in place was to get a job that paid me enough money to live the lifestyle I wanted to live and help me grow my Six Figure Online Business at the same time.

I had a high paying six-figure job in which I eventually loved to hate.  I was disconnected and knew that I couldn’t keep up the fiasco of turning into a zombie 5 days a week.

High figure salaries often come with high prices.

In exchange for money, I’d given up my time and my energy for most of the day. By the time I got home, I had to squeeze in an hour of working out. After that, I’d be exhausted and could think of nothing else besides a hot shower and warm bed.

I knew there was something greater for me and I had to obtain that goal.  All my life I’ve dibbled and dabbled into business.  None of which were successful enough to replace my income.  I’d find a new idea and work it until  I’d become exhausted.  I’d start over with something else.  This continued for many years until I realized I was in a vicious cycle.  I had to find a way out.

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Then one rainy day (usually these days are sunny), I decided enough was enough.  I had put in my notice and decided to take a leap of faith.  I knew what I wanted to do and I had figured out how to translate it into earning me money.  At that time my Six Figure Online Business was equal to my salary. It took me a year and a half to accomplish this goal.  I left my job and began working for myself.  Here’s what I did:

Map Out A Plan For Your Six Figure Business

You must to have a plan in order for your goal to be achieved and to be successful.

No plan = failure.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Quite simple.  Moving right along…

I can’t say this enough times. Plan, plan, plan.  It is the foundation of any business, movement or growth strategy.  It is common sense and the first step of execution. When I began my clothing line, I had a goal in mind.  My goal was to sell on multiple online channels.  In order for me to be successful with selling online, I knew I had to make a list of all the channels I wanted to sell on.

I made a list.

The list consisted of 100 online selling channels in which I could sell my products.  I did research, I stayed up late at night and I woke up early in the mornings.  And I tried some channels and realized my brand wasn’t a match, I eliminated that channel and replaced it with another. So I called stores and reached out to chains. And I did whatever it took to reach my goal.  My goal was to replace my Six Figure Online Business income.  Once I had achieved my goal, I’d already had in place other goals in which to keep growing.  I grew my clothing line from $0 to over $100,000 and scaled my business beyond my wildest dreams.  I planned.  When you have a plan, you have a road map to success.

Have a Definite Purpose…And Stick To It 

Let’s define what a definite purpose is.  A definite purpose is a calling, your intention for doing something.  If you’ve always wanted to help people in some way, find something that you are passionate about that relates to helping others.

Your definite purpose is your calling in life, it is the reason you wake up to seek what it is you’re suppose to do.  Your job is to figure that out.  Once you have your definite purpose, stick to it.

It’s ok for your goal to change or for you to focus on something else; that’s ok.  It’s the purpose that you must focus on.  Find out what that is and go after it.  Don’t do something just to do it.  Do something because you are passionate about it and you care about it.

Keep Your Business To Yourself…At Least For Now 

I can’t stress enough that there are haters in the world.  There are people who will try and tear you down.  Don’t let that negative energy move you.  Stay grounded.  Stay focused on your goal.  There is no such thing as “unrealistic” except for the own limits imposed upon yourself.  This life is limitless.

Some people will always try and tell you your idea is silly or it won’t work.  I’m telling you to ignore those people.  Your business is your business.  You don’t have to announce to the world your launching a business or tell anyone what you’re doing.  No one has control over you other than you.  You don’t need anyone’s permission to start a business or make a change within yourself.  All you need is the confirmation from yourself.

Sometimes when other’s get involved, your judgement can get cloudy.  As a matter of fact it will get cloudy.

People will try and input their ideas of what they think you should do and they end up getting in the way.  They detour you from your goal.  This hinders your finish time and in some instances, halts it.

  – Chloe Panta

To have a successful business, eliminate the noise by not telling anyone.  Once you’ve accomplished some goals and you feel confident, go for whatever you decided to do.  When there are no distractions, things get done.  When there are distractions and interference, sometimes, things are left undone and left hanging on the shelf.  Days go by, weeks, months…even years.  Your dreams haven’t been accomplished yet and there is a reason why.  Don’t let another person decide the kind of life you should live.  You and you alone have that power.  Want a better house?  Go out and make a plan toward that house.  Want to live on a beach or travel the world?  Do it.  Nobody is stopping you except you. 

People blame their situations on circumstances or things that happen to them.  The truth is, people’s circumstances are a reflection of themselves, not things.

    – Chloe Panta


Ask yourself one question: if you died today, would you feel you’ve accomplished everything in this life that you desired?

If you answer no, keep reading.

The world is full of opportunity.  Opportunity is endless.  Don’t believe the hype that,”everything is saturated” or “there’s too many people already in that business, there’s no way you can do it.”  Ignore those comments.  Have you ever read or heard about a story where someone “defied all odds” and started a successful business in an “over-saturated” market?  I’m sure you have.  The truth is, the limits are self-imposed.  If you or someone else is telling you that something is a dying breed it’s because you or that person don’t believe in, well…you.  If you want something bad enough, strong enough, nothing can stop you.  The only person in the way is yourself.

I was once a person who had low-self esteem because some outside influence told me my ideas were stupid or that no one would buy my products.  For a period of time, I believed that.  Then, one day, I realized I could do anything I put the power of my mind to and that I am limitless.  I eliminated that person from my life and grew my six figure online business that made $0 to over $100,000. And I left a job to live my dreams full-time.

I encourage you to do that same. Also I encourage you to reflect on who you are and where you are. And I encourage you to accept it and then make the necessary changes to be where you want to be.  How, you might ask?  By following the steps I just laid out.  For a more detailed explanation on how the power of your mind can change your reality, I encourage you to read my article on this topic.  It will change your life and your reality.

If you’re looking to start a blog of your own, I recommend checking out my free course on starting a money making blog from scratch. You can learn more by clicking here.

Comment below and tell me about your journey to creating your own six figure business.  I’d love to hear how you’re progressing!

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November 28, 2016 8:46 pm

Great inspirational blog. I needed this oomph to help me get on track with my own endeavors.