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HOW TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS.  I did it.  In January 2016 I had had enough.  I was tired of my corporate job and had lost passion for it.  I was disengaged with my clients and I knew I needed an exit strategy; fast.  I had strung myself along for too long.  I had finally made the decision to begin my exit strategy for taking a leap of faith.   January was a rough time for me.  My father was in the hospital from heart failure and had been in and out since October.  I was not in my right state of mind, though I pretended to be, I didn’t want to lose my father. I kept it together most days but often times I found myself crying.

I worked out of state so I’d cross stateliness on an ongoing basis to make sure he was alright, I worked by his hospital bedside taking calls, conducting meetings.  I knew all the nurses on a first name basis.  I was scared. My job was very flexible so visiting him and working remote was not an issue.

The issue was that I was beginning to realize what was more important.  My family and their well-being; also my own.  I made over six figures in my job.  I had great benefits, I received a five figure bonus every year.  That’s pretty sweet. The downside was that is I was being eaten alive.  I tormented myself everyday I went into work because I was not happy. It wasn’t about the money to me, it was about my happiness and me being able to do what I wanted.

I thought that once I made all the money I imagined, I’d be happy.  I’d be able to do things for my family and friends and live a great life.  And I did.  In the beginning I loved what I did and I truly enjoyed it.  It took away from me my dreams and passions for something better.

My dreams and passions were slipping away and I had almost lost grasp of them.  I then woke up one morning and realized that my dreams and passions were what I truly wanted; not a job that would make me soon forget.  No one said that life was all about paying bills and going to work.  That isn’t life to me.  That is death.  Life to me is living to the fullest, doing what I enjoy and getting paid for it.  This is that journey and you’re experiencing it with me.


I took my job with hopes it would help to fund my dreams.  It has done that and more.  The only trouble is that I began losing sight of my dreams.  I became so in tuned with my work and I began drowning myself in my work.  I no longer had “time” to work on my passions.  It was like I forgot the purpose of getting the job.  I would work sometimes 12 hour days just to stay afloat of the never-ending emails, I would work instead of spending quality time with my loved ones and I would torture myself by waking up at 5 A.M. to be the first one in the office. And I would be the last to leave around 7 or 8 P.M.  I then realized that this was not the life for me.  I wasn’t motivated and I needed an exit strategy.

So with that I begin to plan.  I wrote down all of my goals and aspirations.  I wrote down a list of everything that made me happy and the things that I wanted to do.  Regardless of what anyone thought; I wrote them down.  No matter how silly or crazy.  I realized in that moment that my life is mine and no one else’s.  No one has the power over my happiness besides me.  In order to live a fulfilled and happy life and live my dreams, I, and only I have the power to do so.  I was determined to be happy doing what I wanted and so I did.


In November 2015 I started an online business.  I am in love with fashion and beauty so I began selling fashion accessories and clothing for women online.  Within a couple weeks I was earning money.  I was happy that I finally came across something that worked for me and was also enjoyable.  This was part of my exit strategy and was keeping me motivated enough to help me make the leap.

I didn’t tell a soul.  I had a plan mapped out and I followed it to a T.  Because of my dedication and determination to be successful without a job, I became successful.  I am successful.  It all goes to taking the leap of faith which I talk about here.  I had my dignity and I had my faith.  That’s all I needed.  I had my plan.  If all fails, the worst was that I’d have to get another job and continue down my path.  That thought wasn’t scary to me as I could easily find another job in my field.  I worked in the lovely world of HR.

Needless to say, for me the jump was scary and risky.  Nonetheless I took it.  I took it for this reason alone: I live for myself and no one else.  Only I have the power to change my reality.  No one else.  Only I have the power to make my dreams come true.  No one else.  If you believe in yourself, no matter who you are or where you come from or what you do, you can make anything happen.  I believe in me and I believe in you.  You can do whatever you put your mind to.

I took full responsibility for my happiness and my circumstances and made my dreams become a reality.

Do you have an extraordinary story about taking a leap of faith?  Comment below and share your story.