HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED AT WORK.  Have you ever been at work and just wished you were on a beach? Or anywhere for that matter, just away from your desk? Well, fret not. Here are some tips on staying motivated while at work.

Maybe you’re transitioning from one role to another or maybe you’re just trying to find a way out. I’ve been there and the move was tough. When I worked in my previous role in HR, I was at a point where I knew I was not interested in my job anymore. Day in and day out, I wanted out of my job. I wasn’t in a position where I could leave, however I knew that my time was running out.

I had an online business in its infancy and I couldn’t risk leaving my job and then stressing about my business making money and also paying the bills, I took risks. And I was risking a lot. I had an investor who took a chance on me and I needed to repay back $10,000 as quickly as I could. If I left my job, that would slow down the repayment process and I couldn’t risk that. I decided to take it one day at a time and within 6 months I could position myself to leave. In that timeframe I could repay my loan, save up enough money to survive and pay bills while continuing to invest in my business. I had an exit strategy and I begin working towards that goal.

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That was my mindset when I was transitioning from my career to my business. I had to stay in this mindset to stay motivated and stay focused at work. Though I didn’t enjoy what I did at work anymore, I had to do my best and continue working in my role until I was able to work for myself full-time. It was a challenging time for me, yet also the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. There were people who were against me making the transition, telling me I was crazy for leaving such a great paying job.

Updated July 19, 2018

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Yet I didn’t let them stop me. As a matter of fact, no one knew until after I left. I told not a soul. It was no one’s business but mine.  I didn’t want anymore to try and convince me to stay in a role that was torturing my soul. You’ll face that, if you haven’t already. Loved ones will look at you like you’re crazy and tell you you’re making a mistake. It’s not that they don’t love you or care about you, it’s that they don’t understand. They only want the best for you and for you to be happy. Only you can define your happiness. On this journey, I’ll help you along the way, however, it’s up to you to take the leap of faith.

In case you were wondering, this is in no shape or form a way to encourage you to quit your job or do something you don’t want to do. This is merely information on how to stay motivated and how to keep going when you’re transitioning to another role or making the transition into working for yourself full time. I’ve been there and I’ve experienced both sides of the fence. Quite frankly, my side is greener 🙂 Here is how I managed to make the move and I hope these steps will help you as well.

Have A Plan

Planning is necessary when you need to stay motivated. This is the beginning of your exit strategy. When I was at work, it didn’t help to mope around sad and depressed; it only made things worst. Instead of thinking of not wanting to be at work, I thought about other places I’d rather be instead. The beach or a foreign country always came to mind. That helped me to stay motivated. I thought about how I would work towards building my business and that one day I would soon be working on a beach and also in a foreign country. I would be my own boss full time and live the greatest life imaginable in my eyes. Here are some steps to take to staying motivated:

  1. Instead of thinking about where you don’t want to be, think about where you want to be in life
  2. Write down your interests and things you enjoy doing. Come up with at least 10 things.
  3. Come up with 20 ideas on how you can make profit from the 10 items (or more) that you’ve listed in Step 2.
  4. Work towards monetizing those ideas.
  5. Come up with a deadline on when at least 1 of them will be put into motion (i.e. in 2 weeks I will have an ecommerce site selling organic soap)

Think Of All The Things You’re Grateful For 

Reflecting on gratitude has made me a more humble person. Thinking of everything that I have and how thankful I am for my life, my family and my friends has made me take time to live in the moment. A lot of time, we think about the future and the past. We think about things we regret not doing or even things we regret doing. We don’t take time to live in the moment.

To be thankful for waking up, thankful for another day, another chance to change our world, or even to change someone else’s world who may need your help. The point of the matter is, we need to reflect on the things we have already and appreciate those things.  I am ecstatic and thankful for lot of things and a handful of people in my life. Because I reflect on gratitude, it keeps me humble and it makes me think twice before making a bold or drastic move. Reflect on your life and live in the moment. What are some things that you’re grateful for?

Take A Deep Breath And Relax 

Close your eyes. Think about absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Close your eyes and relax your mind. Relax your eyes and breathe in. Take a deep breath and then slowly exhale. Release that stress, Release that deadline and Release that meeting. Release those thoughts. Relax.

It’s important to relax and take a deep breath. I find it relaxing and soothing to meditate in the morning when I wake up. I take 30 minutes to take care of myself. My inner self. If I’m not well taken care of, how can I be productive at work? How can I be motivated? It would be difficult. Taking this time to myself allows me to ensure my mind, body and spirit are aligned.

When I am well taken care of, I have a productive and relaxing day, no matter the situation. Take time to breath for yourself. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day; take time for you. After all, you deserve it and your body will thank you.

When you take 5 minutes to breath and relax you have:

  • Better mental clarity
  • Clearer focus
  • A relaxed mind
  • Positive energy
  • Less stress

Take time to yourself everyday. Even if you need to escape to the bathroom at work or to your car. 5 minutes of mental clarity will make you feel better and improve your attitude. Try it out and experience the difference it makes.

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August 29, 2016 6:11 pm

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