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When it comes to celebrities we’d most likely take advice from, Jennifer Garner ranks high on the list. Whether it’s parenting, hair, fitness or skin-care recommendations, we’d pull up a chair to listen to Garner’s wise words as the 50-year-old star is #goals for all of the above. Recently, she shared the best advice she’s ever received and it has more to do with investing in your skin early on than doing damage control.

Garner recently told Prevention that during a Neutrogena event in 2019, New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD shared the one liner that would go on to be her go-to piece of advice: “Nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s.” This really resonated with the star and it hasn’t left her since. “It is the truest thing ever spoken,” Garner told the publication. “I did use sunscreen early on and I stayed out of the sun when I was young because I was always in the theater.”

The other major tenant Garner follows came from her mom, Patricia, who also gave her sage advice at a young age. “If you know my mom you’d know she is not a skin-care maven by any stretch—but she did tell me really early on that your face goes all the way to [your chest]. So buy skin-care products that you’re not afraid to lavish,” the star recalled. It’s hard to believe our beloved “Jenna Rink” is already a quinquagenarian, however, she’s still looks like she’s Going on 30 so we’ll gladly take her notes and follow suit.