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Whether it’s aspiring lawyer, business mogul, TV personality or full-time mom, Kim Kardashian wears a lot of hats. With all the stress of her dozens of job, constant traveling and life under spotlight, it takes a lot to keep her skin glowing and prevent breakouts. Luckily for all of us craving a Kim K-like complexion, Kardashian sat down with Byrdie for their “What I Put On My Face” segment to chat all things skin-care secrets, favorite products and pet peeves.

After creating her own skin-care line, SKKN, fans everywhere have been curious about what Kardashian’s own skin-care routine looks like and how it lines up with the products she’s created for SKKN. In her chat with Byrdie, the celeb explained that she uses her nine-step system as her skin-care routine, but she gets a bit more granular. “There are small changes between my morning and nighttime skincare routines–for example, we have two Vitamin C products in the line, the Oil Drops ($95) and the Vitamin C8 Serum ($90). I prefer to use the Oil Drops during the day, as they’re developed with a highly stable, active form of Vitamin C, which evens out the complexion while giving the glow of a lifetime. I mix a pump in with our Face Cream ($85) for a really radiant look.”

When it comes to what products she loves the most and the parts of her routine she can’t live without, the star explains that toner has made the biggest difference in her skin and cleansing is a step she never goes without. “I used to think toners were just water on your face, but I’ve realized they really help balance out your skin and even out your skin tone,” Kardashian explains. “I love our skin-renewing Toner ($45).” She also explains “I try to never really skip any parts of my skincare routine—it’s such an important part of my self-care routine—but cleansing my face is something I always make sure to do before applying the rest of my products.”

In addition to outlining her own skin-care habits, Kardashian also opened up about the best advice she’s ever learned when it comes to caring for her skin as well as her biggest skin-care pet peeves. When it comes to skin-care wisdom, the multi-talented mogul says the best advice she’s received is “that skincare isn’t just for your face! I always go down to my chest. Another great piece of advice is that the best skincare routine is one you’ll actually do every day. While I find my nine-step skincare routine necessary, I know there are people who may think it is overwhelming.”