[Lesson 7] How To Monetize Your Email List

Today is all about making money with your list. Also Today is a very important lesson as we begin (finally) to monetize your list.

Oh, by the way, if you need a refresher from the previous lessons, here they are listed below for you.

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Now, on to the money. Let’s talk about ways to monetize your list. Yesterday we talked about finding out what your audiences’ needs are and how to figure out exactly what it is they want from you.  Usually, it takes a couple days to get responses back.  By now, let’s assume you have some responses back from your subscribers and understand more about what it is they want.

If you haven’t, that’s OK too.  Give it a couple days and they should start rolling in. For now, take a look at the different ways to start making money from your list.

Affiliate Marketing (Monetize Your List)

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways on the internet to make money.  The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need your own product.  You simply sell other people’s product. There are many online platforms that host many companies looking for individuals like you to promote and sell products.

Whether you’re recommending to your audience to try a new product that you’ve experienced or to buy a product that you use and love, affiliate marketing is one of the most growing and popular ways to earn money online. You can sign up through Clickbank or MaxBounty and look for products to promote that are in your specific niche.

Sell Your Own Products (Monetize Your List)

Once you’ve identified what your audiences’ needs are, you can then create a product that can help them to solve the problem they are identifying to you.  Whether it’s making money online or wanting to learn a new language, identify their problem and give them a solution to their problem.

Provide Consultative Services (Monetize Your List)

Depending on your niche, maybe you can offer consultant services or one-on-one support to your group.  This may be some form of a mastermind group, a group meet-up online or in your local area or maybe this can be a subscription based service where you provide services to your audiences on a monthly basis.

I’ve just listed out the top 3 ways in earning money online through your list.  These are ways that people are making a living through earning online income.

In case you want a straight-forward, step-by-step tutorial on earning money online, I’ve created an ebook for you to help build your online empire from scratch…the right way.  Building an Online Empire from Scratch is now available for you to tae control of your future and live your dreams.  You can check it out here.

Well, that’s all for today’s lesson.  Stay turned for tomorrow as we dig deeper in growing your list.