[Lesson 9] How To Grow Your List To 1,000 Subscribers & Beyond

Today is all about growing your list…on a larger scale.  You should have about 50 subscribers or more in your list since you began this course.  We’ve gone over many ways to grow your list and I hope you’ve implemented what you’ve learned.
If you need a refresher, here are the previous lessons below:
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I want you to understand that the quantity of a list is irrelevant if your subscribers are not engaged.  In this lesson, you’ll learn how to grow a larger list and keep them engaged at the same time.
Growing Your List

Add a call-to-action to your Facebook Business Page – This small change can gain you new list subscribers as you direct people to your landing page to opt-in to your list.

Create quality content – Content is king and so will your email list soon become if you post quality content.

Link offers throughout your website – You can link your subscription options on the front page of your blog or website with a call-to-action (remember, unless you tell your audience what to do, they won’t do anything). Also remember to include one at the header as well so people can sign up when they scroll to the bottom of your site.

How To Engage Your List
Post at least once a week – I post to my subscribers at least once a week. You want your audience to remember who you are and look forward to receiving your emails.

Post relevant content based on your niche – If your niche is fashion, don’t send your subscribers an email about fishing; it’s irrelevant to your niche.  The tighter you are in your space, the closer your relationship grows with your followers.

Be ever-changing – The world changes everyday – focus on what type of content your subscribers like.  Maybe they like video posts more than reading text.  Change it up.  See how your audience responds to the different ways you communicate with them.

Tomorrow is our last lesson!  We’ve learned a lot in this course and I hope that your email list has grown since we first started!  As always, if you need help with anything, drop me a line.