[Lesson 8] Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your List

Today is all about using Facebook ads to grow your list.

I’m excited about today’s lesson because you’ll have a way of understanding how to truly grow your audience and grow your income.  Like I always say, the money is in the list..

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Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your List

Welcome to Lesson 8!  In today’s lesson, I want to talk to you about gaining an email list through Facebook ads.  Facebook ads are a great way in gaining new email subscribers to your list and most importantly, a targeted audience.   Let’s run through the basics.

Over 1.4 billion people hang out on Facebook every month.  That’s right, over a billion folks. Even a tiny percentage of those people could make a huge impact on your email list growing exponentially…and your income!

So why not set up Facebook ads?  You don’t have to have a huge budget either, You can start off as small as $5 a day. You can grow a targeted email list of subscribers who are interested in your niche. Facebook ads are perfect for you, even if you’re on a budget!  It’s also great because Facebook advertising is perfect Facebook advertising is perfect for beginners because it gives you the following:

  • Huge exposure
  • Quick, affordable results
  • Ability to reach your targeted audience
  • Get subscribers on autopilot (freeing up your time for other things, like sleeping 🙂 )

Ready to get some subscribers? Carry on. The 3 Most Important Elements of Facebook Ads In order for your ad to attract subscribers, you need to set up Facebook ads. To make your ad stand out from the crowd, you need three essential elements:

  1. A catchy incentive (and a landing page to showcase it)
  2. An engaging, attractive image
  3. Attention-grabbing ad copy

Let’s find out more about each of these elements:

1. Creating Your Incentive

Your incentive should be enticing and super appealing to your audience.  You should find a practical solution to your audiences’ problem and package that solution in the simplest form possible.

2. Give your audience a quick win.

If you can get your audience once step closer to solving their problem, you have a super incentive to offer them.

3. Create a Landing Page To Show Off Your Incentive

Once you’ve created your incentive, you’ll need a landing page to offer your incentive to your potential subscriber. InstaPages  provides great landing pages that are easy to setup.   You’ll also need to create a “Thank You” page after your incentive that visitors will see right after they opt-in.

4. Choosing Your Awesome Image

When choosing an image for your ad, it should be a high-quality image.  Once your landing pages are all set up, let’s move on to the next step for enticing Facebook ads… Let’s get into the mindset of a potential subscriber for a second: What are your potential subscribers on Facebook doing? Maybe to see what their friends are doing.  Maybe they’re looking at pictures or connecting with people.

What they are not doing is looking on Facebook to read ads. This simply means this: do not make your picture look like an ad!  Your job is to make your ad look like the other images in your subscribers news feed as much as possible.

People have a tendency to say “yes” to things that are similar to themselves or things that they like. So instead of  using professional stock photos, use photos that are fun and creative.  Use images of yourself.  This way, your audience will see that you are a regular person, just like them.  They’ll be more likely to engage with you too!  And engagement with audiences leads to conversions with leads to sales 🙂

Well, that’s all for today.  Tomorrow you’ll be in for a surprise with Lesson 9!