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Men is your skin looking dry and dull due to pollution Follow these 3 easy skincare tips

Men’s skincare routine: While women prefer to maintain and take extra care of their skin, men are equally responsible to show their skin some love and provide it with the required nourishment to keep it soft and healthy. With pollution on the rise, guys should keep these three skincare tips in mind while stepping out of their homes.

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In the present day and age, pollution levels have risen at an alarming rate, especially in metropolitan cities where roads are jam-packed with buses, taxis, and cars emitting toxic substances. These chemicals are so tiny that even if you wear a mask or cover your face, you will still find your face in a haggard state than when you stepped out of your home.
While there are countless anti-pollution skincare regimes for women to keep their face clean and healthy, there are only a select few when it comes to men. According to dermatologists, men’s skin is more likely to face the brunt of pollution as compared to women’s since their makeup prevents the chemicals from entering further into the skin.
It is, therefore, really important to address the issue at hand and guide men on how to protect their skin from losing its shine after coming home from a day of intense pollution. So, without any further ado, here are three highly effective anti-pollution skincare tips men should religiously follow for their skin to feel alive and healthy against harsh conditions.

Skin care tips

Deep cleansing your skin

Deep cleaning is the first step in preventing acne development, pigmentation, and accelerated skin aging. Select a facewash with ingredients like activated charcoal antioxidants or a suitable regeneration ingredient if you want a thorough cleaning.


After the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, exfoliate your skin containing ingredients such as activated bamboo charcoal, green tea, coffee, acai berry, and natural fruit extracts to remove the dead skin layers from the surface of your skin and pulling out smaller particles stuck to the pores of your skin, making them open. While it may seem like a tedious task at first, another great advantage to exfoliating your face leads to a softer shaving session since the hair follicles present in your skin get soft with regular exfoliation.

Hydrate your skin

While drinking eight glasses of water is a must, one should also invest in a hydrating face mask or Vitamin E capsules which slow down the aging process and makes your skin tight and youthful. Opt for a papaya or aloe vera face mask which not only hydrates but also gives a cooling effect to your skin. Similarly, cut a Vitamin E capsule and apply its oil all over your face to shield your skin from harmful substances.

Follow these useful skincare tips to combat pollution!

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