Newish Blogger Looking To Grow

“I’m a new blogger looking to grow and monetize my blog”

This is so exciting! You have done all the initial grunt work of building your blog and creating content and now you are ready to grow and scale your blog. This means you want more traffic, followers and income.


This stage is fun because you get to see how far you have already grown and you have an idea of where it is you want to be in your blogging business.

So, By Now You Should Have:

1. A professional, functioning self-hosted website that has been monetized correctly (if not, or you aren’t for sure, enroll in this free training first)

2. You have established your niche, know who your avatar is, and what they want to buy and how to solve their problems

3. You have created an amazing opt-in freebie and are collecting email subscribers with it on your blog. (if not, enroll in my free training on growing your email list to 1K in 90 days)

I’m A New Blogger Looking To Grow

From here, it’s so very important that you get clear on your goals, who you serve and what you offer your audience.

Don’t let the masses tempt you to promote any and everything. You will have a much more easier time promoting what you love and what you want instead of something you think people will want to buy. Find a niche and stick to it. It shows you are an authority in your niche and brands will recognize that and want to work with you.

Please don’t waste your time promoting low-commission products!

You should educate yourself on marketing and affiliate programs that best represent your blog and what you stand for.

I offer a signature program, The Blogging Empire Guide, which teaches you all of this and so much more.

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