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As significantly as we enjoy the outdoors, an RV lets us to have obtain to some conveniences that make tenting substantially extra pleasant. One particular of the wonderful benefits of tenting with an RV is the accessibility to electric power any time you want it.

In get to keep RV batteries completely ready to go when you are, there are a several factors that you need to have to know.

Varieties of Batteries

Most towed RVs have two forms of batteries and motorhomes have a few. Normally, you will come across a 120 volt AC system and a 12 volt DC technique in any RV. Motorhomes also have a normal motor vehicle battery.

There are two main varieties of RV batteries obtainable:


  1. Deep cycle batteries
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Deep cycle batteries are a lead-acid battery. These are the most common forms of batteries that are observed in RVs. Guide-acid batteries need regimen servicing and typically final close to 400 cycles.


  1. Lithium batteries
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Lithium batteries are a lot less prevalent due to the fact they cost about three moments as a lot as a guide-acid battery. With that extra charge arrives an extended lifespan (about 5000 cycles) and really very little servicing. Lithium batteries do the job very well with photo voltaic panel units.

Charging Your RV Batteries

Maintaining RV batteries billed does more than just make confident that you have power when you want it. A perfectly-billed battery also lasts more time and necessitates less maintenance.

Although you are tenting, your battery is recharging when it is linked to the campsite electrical outlet, if the generator is managing, or when the towing vehicle or motorhome’s motor is running. Batteries ought to be charged incredibly soon after they are utilised in get to lessen routine maintenance demands.

Both overcharging and undercharging RV batteries minimizes its lifespan. Deep cycle batteries should really be billed before they fall below 50% capability and billed only right until they are at capacity. Look at investing in a battery maintainer that uses a trickle cost to retain the battery at ideal amounts. 

Things like clocks, warning lights, gasoline leak detectors, antennae boosters, stereos, and appliances can use modest quantities of power and quietly drain your battery. Check your battery demand manually making use of a volt metre, or set up a battery metre that can warn you when charging is demanded.

For the off-year, clear away your RV battery and store someplace obtainable. The cost drains even when it is not in use, so it is essential to check out it periodically and demand when required.

A nicely-charged battery also lasts more time and involves significantly less maintenance.


If your RV employs flooded-cell batteries, you will have to have to replenish the distilled h2o in just the device from time to time. The water stage need to be checked after a thirty day period. Drinking water should really only be additional when the battery is entirely charged.

It is frequent for sulfation (the formation of sulfate crystals) to injury RV battery terminals. If you cleanse the terminals routinely, you can save your battery from significant destruction. Use a business battery cleansing item or make a paste with baking soda and drinking water to scrub the sulfate crystals away. Adequately recharging and storing batteries can reduce sulfation.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Directions

RV batteries really should come with a clear instruction handbook, which might differ a little based on the battery form and brand. With good charging and routine maintenance, you will be capable to prolong the daily life of your RV’s battery and appreciate tenting without having the stress of dropping electric power.

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