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JACKSON, Tenn.–A group of brothers and sisters say a enjoyable night time out at a club finished in a way they did not assume.

Saturday night time, siblings, Jesus, Veronica, and Marisela Lopez drove to La Cantina, formerly recognised as The Slide 2, positioned on Heritage Sq. to enjoy a night out. According to Jesus, just after they parked his sisters Marisela and Veronica quickly headed into the club to use the restroom when he and Marisela’s boyfriend stayed in the car to get matters sorted before likely in by themselves.

According to Jesus, which is when the 6 armed robbers took their possibility.

“We the two bent up to get all set to go and which is when I witnessed the dudes come on my aspect and then I viewed them on his facet and stage it on my back and was like, “Run your stuff.” and then he was like, “well give me that watch you acquired, give me that necklace, and he was just like what is the PIN to your mobile phone. Appear on now right before I shoot you,” claimed Jesus Lopez.

Soon after robbing Jesus and Marisela’s boyfriend, Jesus suggests they ransacked the vehicle and stole a multitude of things belonging to Marisela.

“When I checked, they took my wallet, induce they went in, mine was in the glove compartment. They took my wallet. I never know just how significantly I had, like $400 dollars, credit history card, debit card, my son’s Visa was in there and that’s the most crucial detail. That’s what I really want back because every thing else is replaceable,” reported Marisela Lopez.

A Visa for her son to reside in the United States that she says took her 4 yrs to get.

In accordance to Jesus, following robbing them, the 6 adult males ran driving an adjacent business enterprise and four of them rode out of that company parking lot on bikes. Jesus claimed he didn’t see where by the very last two went.

“We definitely really don’t go out. We do not do all that and you know just for a person evening to wreck that for us. So like we really don’t truly feel safe to go out and do points like that any longer for the reason that we truly feel like we have to enjoy our surroundings and all that,” stated Veronica Lopez.

We spoke to proprietor of La Cantina, Doug Keeton at his enterprise. He said he doesn’t agree with what the siblings claimed took place.

He thinks they ended up parked in a different place. Irrespective, due to this theft Keeton is making some changes to security.

Initial, the robbery took area in a blind spot on the digital camera, so they altered the digital camera to now protect the blind location. Also for greater visibility for the digital camera, they are cutting down the bushes amongst the parking lot and the adjacent organization they will also begin having a security guard patrol the parking whole lot as effectively.

We attained out to the Jackson Law enforcement Division and they claimed this incident is underneath investigation.

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