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Skincare isn’t essential only for women; men need self-care too. While there are many myths surrounding skincare like men’s skin is thicker, they have more sebaceous glands, is oilier, and gets tanned easily, this shouldn’t stop one from incorporating a regime. So, this International Men’s Day here is a guide to get you started on the right skincare steps for men on the go. Shreedha Singh, co- founder & CEO, The Ayurveda Co. (T.A.C), lists down skincare tips for men.

Picking the right facewash

First things first, a facewash is the most important step in men’s skincare regime. Always go for a gentle face wash that deeply cleanses the skin without stripping the natural moisture so that the skin’s pH is balanced.

Aloe Vera to the rescue

Whether it’s shaving or sporting a no-shave November, don’t skip the aloe vera gel. It intensely hydrates, tackles acne-prone skin, repairs skin with nicks and cuts post shaving and minimises the pores. It also makes for an excellent alternative to aftershaves which are more than often made with alcohol and synthetic fragrances.

Moisturisers are for all skin types

Busting this myth once and for all, all skin types need moisturisers. If your skin is a combination one or oily, opt for lightweight and hydrating day creams or lotions that effectively keep the skin healthy without clogging pores. In case you have normal to dry skin, then it’s best to go for an emollient, a rich moisturiser. The best time to use moisturisers is post-facewash, after using a serum, so that the moisture gets sealed in.

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Skincare isn’t complete without a sunscreen

The most underrated step in skincare is applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen, the reason being those sunrays, along with UVA, UVB and blue light that are present all around us during all seasons of the year. A lesser-known fact is that sun damage like pigmentation, premature aging, dark spots, and fine lines take a very long time to reverse. Therefore, prevention is better than cure, and simply applying a generous amount of sunscreen on exposed parts of the face during the day is a great start.

Exfoliation is a must for healthy skin

Every single day we shed millions of dead skin cells, coupled with excess oil, dust, dirt and grime; all of these tend to clog the pores. This results in uneven skin and also causes blackheads and whiteheads. Therefore, to prevent this, one must exfoliate the skin at least once a week with a gentle face scrub.

Serums are the secret to glowing clear skin

If there was one product to level up your skincare game, serums should be your go-to. The best part about using a face serum is that you need very little amount, as they are concentrated form of actives. The best time to apply serums is after cleansing your skin with a facewash, as it makes for a great canvas for deeper penetration into the skin.

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