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Starting A Blogging Business Can Be Overwhelming...But It Doesn't Have To Be

Starting a blogging business takes work, dedication and time. It can also be frustrating, overwhelming and overbearing. Trust me, I've been there! But it doesn't have to be any of those things with the right framework and the right frame of mind. You can build your blogging business to massive success with the right tools and the right guidance.

That's where I come in place. I have helped countless bloggers and entrepreneurs get there start in the online world by setting them up for success. Whether you are new to blogging or have been doing it for years, I can help you obtain your financial goals.

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List Growth

I need help building my email list. Please help me grow my list!


I need help growing and monetizing my blog. Teach me the framework for starting a money making blog!

Positive Energy

I want to learn how I can truly live the life of my dreams!

The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Empire...the right way  

Chloe Panta - Building An Online Empire From Scratch

This no fluff, straight-to-the-point guide will show you how to rock out and go from $0 to creating a booming, online empire.

Learn how to go from $0 to building an online empire in this step-by-step ebook. Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur or influencer, this book is for you.

Avoid the overwhelm, headaches and frustrations with growing your business by getting it right the first time.

Learn how to turn your passions into profits. In this ebook, you'll learn how to monetize your blog or website with affiliate marketing, ebooks, digital products or physical products.

You'll master the process in creating 


Don't Just Wing It, Get It Right The First Time

In this 57-page ebook, you'll learn straight away how to implement the exact tools and methods I used to grow my business from $0 to over six figures in less than two years. If your business is bringing in $0, you have a hobby, not a business. Turn that around completely and build your empire from scratch; the right way, the first time. In this ebook, I show you how you can create a booming business starting now.

Content Creation

If you're a blogger, you'll learn how to create content that will bring you in money over and over again on auto-pilot with my evergreeen automation system. Put in the work once and watch your income soar!

Digital Products 

If you're looking to create a digital product such as a course, ebook, template or audio, learn how to create your digital product and make your first sale within your first week, even if you have zero followers or traffic. You'll learn exactly what I use today that keeps sales pouring in.

Email Marketing

The money is in the list. No matter what niche you're in, you need to start and grow your email list. Learn how to go from 0 subscribers to 1000 in 30 days or less. Learn the Make It Rain technique that allows you to create an "emergency money fund" whenever you need quick cash flow to your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Discover how to build lead magnets that will drive traffic to your website, blog or landing page, producing sale after sale after sale. Even if you haven't used affiliate marketing before, learn the technique I used to make my first affiliate sale as a brand new blogger, with zero traffic and zero following.


About the Author

Chloe Panta of Bonne Chic

Chloe Panta is the bloggr and founder of Bonne Chic. She is also a Published Author and Mindset Coach. She has helped many emerging bloggers, entrepreneurs and coaches get their start in the online world. She has succesfully ran multiple online six figure businesses, including her own women's clothing line. Now Chloe devotes her time to her passion; blogging, writing and helping others succeed in life. 

With her knowledge and expertise in blogging and online businesses, she created the ebook, Building An Online Empire From Scratch, which helps entrepreneurs, bloggers and online influencers go from $0 to six figures in their business with her proven techniques that she uses in her business today.

Outside of the online world, Chloe is an avid traveler and lover of the outdoors. You can catch her curled up with a book near quaint beach town or nestled in the forest under a tree. You can contact Chloe at 

Building An Online Empire From Scratch