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Mexico’s tourism sector has been booming since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. After a few months of restrictions and lockdown Mexico was one of the first countries to drop restrictions and welcome tourists.

Therefore, safety in Mexico became a very popular topic as tourists were flocking for holidays from all around the world.

Places like Cancun and Tulum are still the most popular places to visit but they don’t have a good reputation when it comes to safety.

If looking to travel to Mexico in 2023, Los Cabos has become the safest tourist destination in the country. Thanks to a strong police presence and dropping violence rates, the area has become safer and safer for tourists. 

Santa Maria Beach, Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a quick getaway for West Coast residents in the U.S. and now ranks as one of the top three most visited coastal cities in Mexico. 

Rates of crime have dropped sharply since 2018 as confirmed by Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, State Attorney General of Justice in Baja California Sur (BCS). Homicides are down 95% vehicle theft is down 74%, burglary dropped 63% and pickpocketing and robbery is down 52%. 

Anaya attributes the state’s zero-tolerance attitude towards crime for the precipitous drop. The area for both visitors and tourists alike is the safest it has ever been. 

The dropping rates of crime have also led the U.S. Department of State to classify Los Cabos as a Level 2 destination. This destination means there are no heightened safety threats, but Americans should still exercise increased caution when visiting. 

Los Cabos
Los Cabos

For added security over the holiday season, 150 new police officers were trained along with 300 new security cameras installed at tourists sites and 25,000 streetlights to dissuade any tourists’ fears.

The widespread sense of security has allowed the beach getaway tourist destination to grow more than 22% more than the previous record year of 2019. In comparison, the famed Mexican Caribbean grew at 9% respectively.

Tourists are flocking the Pacific Coast destination to see some of its natural beauty. Two top sites include the Arch of San Lucas, the most prominent feature of Lovers Beach, and Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, home to the oldest coral reef on the West Coast.

The location also has a burgeoning wellness scene with award-winning spas and top all-inclusive resorts. 

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