Welcome!!! I am so happy that you stumbled upon my blog. My name is Chloe and you may have found me from The Successful Entrepreneur, a community I created for bloggers and entrepreneurs to come together to grow their blog and their business while supporting each other.

I have been blogging since August 2016 and I’ve learned so much along the way. I fell in love with blogging and I knew it was something I wanted to take seriously and grow into a business. My blog has grown since then and I am happy to say that I absolutely love what I do. My goal is to help others create an income with their blogs and online businesses and help others thrive and become successful.

With that being said, Pinterest has helped my blog income grow tremendously and I have met so many wonderful blogger friends through Pinterest marketing. I love using Pinterest so much that I decided to help others grow their blog income and traffic by teaching others how they can have success through Pinterest.


I created my blog as an escape from the norm and to see if I really could make money blogging. I also created my blog to inspire others with following their dreams and believing in themselves. It is possible to make money blogging and within an online business and I love inspiring others to do just that. I have always had a passion for writing and blogging has been the easiest way for me to express myself but also to share my knowledge with others. I literally started my blog with earning $0 to now having a successful, thriving and profitable blog. I want others to know that they can do it too.

Along the way there were some hardships and tough decisions I had to make; it was not always a walk in the park. I had to learn how to put systems in place and I had to learn a lot of skills that I didn’t know were relevant at the time to running a blogging business. With my experience, I have a thriving blogging business and I want to show you that you can have the same. What you love to do CAN work for you.

I believe that if more people were happier, the world would be a better place, so why not start by doing something you love and get it out there in the world. With the right marketing techniques and systems in place, the successful will follow. So are you ready to join me and turn your passion into profits? Let’s talk!



This package is perfect if you are wanting to outsource your Pinterest work. If growing your blog with Pinterest is too time consuming, this service would be ideal for you!


  • 20-30 fresh pins a week
  • Weekly analysis via email that goes over your top performing content on Pinterest for the week, as well as discussing weekly Pinterest trends to pay attention to. 
  • Keyword optimized pin and board descriptions to improve Pinterest SEO
  • 1 call monthly to discuss and evaluate

Client must be creating new content consistently. Pinterest loves fresh blog content. 


This client I was able to double her Pinterest engagement in 30 days.

This clients engagement grew by over 100% in 30 days

I was able to bring up one client’s views to over 750,000 in less than month!

Results do vary on your current Pinterest audience and your niche plays a role into your success. I do not guarantee results. For the best results, I recommend working with me for at least 3-6 months.

Click below to send an email if you are interested in working together and we will see if we are a good fit!


Are you looking for a straightforward and helpful blog coach? My Blog Coaching Program may be just what you need.

I only offer an intimate, 8-week 1:1 blog coaching mastermind program for a small group of people, as it is customized and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

If you have been wanting to grow and monetize your blog, and you are ready to put in the work, now is the time!

In this coaching program, you will learn the following:

This blog coaching program covers:

Week 1Blogging
Week 2Social Media Marketing
Week 3SEO & Keyword Research
Week 4Monetization
Week 5Email Marketing
Week 6Affiliate Marketing
Week 7Pinterest Marketing
Week 8Product Development & Product Launch

This is a fast-paced, intensive group coaching program unlike other coaching programs out there. You get a combination of private, 1:1 coaching and small, intimate group coaching tailored to YOUR specific needs.


Are you finally ready to take your blog to the next level?

The Bonne Chic Mastermind Blog Coaching Program will propel you for success with your blog as we work together to grow, monetize and scale your blog to success. We will use actionable and strategical lessons and save you months, years, frustration and wasted money on figuring out how to become a successful blogger.

I am so excited to offer this program to you and let you in on how I earn money as a blogger. I’ve been blogging since 2016 and I blog in different niches, such as lifestyle, travel, finance and business. Besides blogging, I have digital marketing experience to help you succeed as a blogger.

With me as your coach, I guide you every step of the way to building a profitable blog. We will go over my systems, schedule, strategies and all my tips and tricks to building a money making blog.

Whether you are a beginner blogger or you have been blogging for years, I have the tools and resources to help you grow. 


We start by creating a daily blog duties schedule to get your new blog up, monetized and generating traffic and sales, which will take some time and dedication from you.

From there you will have weekly lessons that target a specific area in your business, and each week you will have a new concept/skillset to work through.

We have a weekly live 1:1 coaching session each week, to go over the past and present week’s lessons, and work out anything you may be struggling with, too. 

Then towards the end of the 6 weeks, we develop a product of your choosing and take it from planning to launch so that by the end you have a digital product available for sale.

We will develop your blog, social media reach and email marketing aspects all at the same time, so that we can build your brand to a professional level, and monetize it.

You will be given the tools and know-how to continue to grow and profit from it, for years after our mentorship.

Discover how to curate and strategize your blog into a valuable, profitable asset in this comprehensive 6-week blog mentorship program with Chloe Panta of Bonne Chic

My Blog Coaching program starts soon and I have limited space available. If you are interested in working with me, fill out this form here.

Don’t worry, when you fill out the form, you don’t have to buy anything from me; it is just my way of learning more about you and your business so we can set up a call to see if we would be a fit working together towards your business goals.

I will be in touch with you after you have completed the form to schedule time for us to chat. If you have questions first, by all means, reach out to me here.