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    Simple Ways To Save Money As A Driver

    simple ways to save money as a driver - bonnechic - bonne chic

    You already know how expensive cars can be to run, but there are ways to curb the high costs associated with driving. 

    We have already discussed how you might save money when purchasing a new car on our site – see here – but here are some other helpful tips for when you’re on the road. 

    #1: Keep your tires inflated

    It’s important to keep your car well-maintained anyway, as there will be less chance of you getting into an accident or a breakdown situation if you do, and you will then save yourself oodles of money. It’s especially important to keep your tires inflated, as not only will there be less chance of you experiencing a blowout on the roads, but you will also use less fuel. So, purchase a tire inflator from your local motoring store or inflate your tires for free at your local fuel station. 

    #2: Don’t break the law

    We’re sure you’re law-abiding citizen anyway, but many of us can fall foul of the law thanks to the cars we drive. We might drive over the speed limit accidentally, or we might mistakenly think we are still fit to drive after consuming alcohol. In such cases, we can face serious fines, and a DUI offense could even lead to us getting locked up. So, while you could hire a lawyer akin to the folks at Leyba to reduce your fine and your criminal charges, your best course of action is to stay on the right side of the law. So, watch your speed, don’t ever drive after drinking, and brush up on the laws of the highway to keep yourself out of trouble.

    #3: Get the cheapest fuel deals

    Not all fuel stations are equal. Generally speaking, those found on main roads and on the highways are the most expensive, while those based at supermarkets are the cheapest. So, shop around when you’re in need of fuel for your car, and if it’s cost-effective to do so, make a beeline for those with the most affordable deals. To save you time driving around your local area, you might want to download a fuel finding app on your phone. Gas Buddy is a popular choice, but there are bound to be others in your app store. The right app will direct you to the nearest and cheapest places, so it’s worth making room on your phone for it. 

    #4: Shop around for the best insurance deal

    We aren’t saying you should choose the cheapest insurance deal, as that might not cover all of your needs. However, you should still use a price comparison service when your renewal date is up, as you will then have the opportunity to enter your requirements and see a list of the best deals for you. Check out these other tips for saving money on your car insurance, as you will then be able to make further savings. 

    So, we hope these tips have been useful. Driving can be expensive, but because it is possible to reduce your costs, you shouldn’t have to see your bank balance fall in line with your dwindling fuel tank!

    Thanks for reading!