EXIT STRATEGY TO QUIT A JOB: A lot of people ask me, “how do I come up with an exit strategy to leave my job?”.  There is no magic answer but I do have a formula for my own exit strategy in which I used when I resigned from my job.  I had a well-thought out plan, over a year in the making.  I didn’t just quit and then say, “now what?”.

 You have to make calculated risks.  You have to have a plan and plan accordingly.  

In this post, I want to talk about how you can come up with an exit strategy and steps that are necessary to take to sustain yourself while making the leap.

In February 2015, I accepted a role as a contractor working in HR.  I loved what I did and I was good at it.  My contract was 6 months long and my plan was to work the 6 months, save up and invest in my business.   If need be, I would continue on with a new contract role somewhere else in case this role ended as planned.  Well, that’s not exactly what happened.

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I worked as a contractor for 4 months in my company and was then brought on as a full-time employee.  This was not my intention but I do appreciate the opportunity now that I am reflecting.  As a contractor, I has no benefits, no paid time off and no vacation.  If I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid.

As an employee, I had the benefits of paid time off, vacation, paid holidays and I was salaried, I enjoyed the perks, I had made the right decision. And I loved my job so much, I was working a lot. Working so much that I was not working on my business. This was not suppose to happen. I’d respond to emails throughout the night and in the wee hours of the morning and on weekends.

I didn’t have time to work on my goals and passions; the mere reasons why I had got the job in the first place. Days, weeks and months flew by and my businesses suffered tremendously. They weren’t growing because I wasn’t working on them. In December 2015, I realized that I really wanted to focus on my passions. I decided it was time to incorporate time for my business into my schedule. So I made the following plan:

Monday – Wednesday

5 AM – wake up

6 AM – work out

7 AM – breakfast/get ready for work

8: 30 AM – arrive at work

5 PM – shut it down

6 PM – arrive at home

7 PM – eat dinner

8 – 10 PM – work on my dreams

10:30 PM – bed


7 AM – wake up

7: 30 AM – breakfast

8 AM – work

5 PM – shut it down

6 PM – dinner

7 – 10 PM – work on my dreams


5 AM – wake up

6 AM – work out

7 AM – breakfast/get ready for work

8:30 AM – work

4 PM – shut it down


Saturday & Sunday

Work on my dreams

This was my schedule.  Every weekend I would work.  There are no times specified as I allowed myself to wake up whenever.  I woke up at 5 AM most days and I allowed myself a break.  I’d typically wake up around 7:30 or 8 AM on the weekends and make breakfast and begin to work.  I’d turn down invitations to parties or gatherings most weekends.  I would spend time with my family at least once a month versus every weekend like I used to.  I had to make sacrifices knowing that in the long run I’d be able to spend more time with them.  At this time in my life, I had to cut that time short.

If you’re serious about making a change in your life, you need to write down a schedule.  Just like you have a calendar and a schedule at work, you need one in your everyday life in order to be successful.  No matter what your path is in life, being organized and mapping out a plan will help you to be successful.  Write down a schedule for yourself for the next week.  Continue to map out a schedule and get in a routine of following it.  It takes 6 weeks for a new habit to be embedded in your mind.  Let’s plan for the next 6 weeks to follow a schedule.  Tell me about your progress here.

Making Dreams A Priority Will Make Them A Reality 

A lot of times, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  We want to keep up with the Jones’ or the Kardashians for that matter.  And for what?  To show off a new car?  A new house we can barely afford?  It just didn’t make sense to me anymore so I stopped.  I stopped living my life for everybody else and started living for myself.  No one could make my dreams a reality except for me and it was my responsibility to make them a reality.  So I began to focus on what made me happy, despite anyone else’s opinion, and work diligently to make them become real.

First and foremost, I am a lover of fashion and beauty.  I live, eat, breathe and think fashion and beauty.  I’m constantly following the latest beauty trends on what’s new.  I follow emerging products and the latest trends in fashion.  These topics excite me.  I’ve always wanted a career in fashion and beauty but had no experience.  I didn’t go to fashion school and I didn’t get my cosmetology license.  All I knew is that I wanted to design clothes and help make women feel beautiful and empowered when they wore them.  I didn’t know how to properly sew and I also didn’t (and still don’t) have the patience.  So my solution was to outsource the work.  This is the smartest and most tangible solution for those who want to make the most amount of money, spending the least amount of time.

Kinda like The Four Hour Work Week.

On that note, I began to write down my goals in the order I would achieve them.  Why, you ask? Quite simple.  If I didn’t write them down, they’d float around in my head with a slight chance they’d become a reality. What If it isn’t written down, it isn’t real.  If you can’t physically see it on paper, it isn’t real.  You have to write them down and constantly remind yourself of your goals and your dreams.  This is how you will begin to take action on achieving them.  Till this day, every goal that I have written down, I have achieved or I am in the process of achieving.  Write down your goals and watch them become a reality.

Focus On The Journey; Not The End Result 

A lot of times, we get so caught up on the end result of our dreams, we forget about the journey.  The journey is the most important part of the goal.  Having the strength and courage to endure the journey leads us to our dream.  For example.  I was 55 pounds overweight a year and a half ago.  I’ve since lost the weight and have kept it off.  During that time, I would focus on how I wanted to look once I reached my goal.  I wanted a flat stomach with a defined body.  Those thoughts only discouraged me.  Every day I would look in the mirror and I didn’t seem anywhere close to where I wanted to be.  I then realized that by not enjoying the journey and being happy for where I was in my life,I was wasting away every day I did that.

Then I decided to live in the moment and be thankful for having the strength and courage to get up every day to workout and get closer to my dream.  I took each day one step at a time.  Cherishing each moment I had and watching my body transform little by little each day. And I look back and I’ve come so far.  I decided to enjoy my journey rather than torture myself.  There were good days and there were not so good days.  None the less, I reached my goal and now I’ve developed new goals that I want to reach.  My journey is never-ending and you’ll soon realize that you’re journey in life, is never-ending, too.  Here’s how you can focus on the journey and not the end result:

Be Thankful for Where You Are And What You Have 

You’ve come a long way, no matter where you are in your life.  Be thankful for what you have now and the tools you have to achieve where it is you want to be in life.

Live In The Moment 

So often, we forget to live in the moment.  Take a moment and breathe.  Relax and be grateful for where you are right now.  Your journey is special and unique to you.  Whether you’re at work mapping out your own exit strategy or simply looking for a bit of encouragement.  Live in the moment and be grateful for where you are.

Map Out A Plan 

If you want to change the circumstances of your life, map out a plan.  Write down a list of what you want to accomplish within the next 4 weeks.  Then the next 6 weeks and so on.  Without a plan, it’s like a captain  steering a ship with a destination to nowhere.  Have a plan for your next move and focus on that goal.

Don’t Stress Over Money 

Money seems to be a leading cause in stress. “If only I had this much money I could do that”.  “When I get this much money I’ll be happy”.  Money is a tool; nothing more and nothing less.  Money does not solve all the problems we face.  I made six figures and still needed more money.  I could think of countless ways to spend it.  No matter how much money we have, there will still be an ever-wanting need to acquire more and do more.  The best solution for this is realize that money is a tool.  We need money to get places and to assist us with goals and taking the next steps in our lives.

Understand the difference between utilizing money as a tool and not as a crippling defect that controls our lives.  It does not.  You control your money and how you utilize it.  It does not control you. If you’re having problems with money and/or having suicidal thoughts, get help.  Money does not control you and there are ways to cope.  You can call or text (877)-870 HOPE (4673) 24/7.  Please get help if you are facing financial difficulties.

Are you currently planning out your exit strategy?  How is it going? Comment below about your journey.

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