How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts

I started this blog in 2016. In the beginning, I made so many mistakes with monetizing my blog that I became frustrated and ventured off into other avenues. After a short break, I returned refreshed with a new strategy to finally understanding how to make money with my blog. This was possible because I make money with sponsored posts. 

A sponsored blog post is when a blogger gets paid to talk about a product or brand on their blog.

You get to talk about a brand or product you love, share details on how you use a certain product or how it can benefit others and get paid to do it. I’m also going to share how much you should charge for sponsored posts, and rules to follow when it comes to sponsored posting.

At the end of this post, you can learn from my mistakes that I made in the beginning of my blogging career.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you. Please read my full disclosure for more information.

If you want to learn more about sponsored posts and land partnerships ASAP, I recommend checking out this blog post on how you can reach out to brands and land opportunities.

You don’t have to have a huge social media following or a large audience. As long as you provide value and can produce the results brands are looking for, there are tons of brands out there who are willing to work with you.

Below are ways to get paid to blog with sponsored posts opportunities.

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1. Create profiles on websites specifically for brand opportunities

One of the easiest ways to get noticed by brands is by creating a profile on one of the websites mentioned below.

FYI, below are only a few sponsored post websites, so make sure to venture out and see what else is out there.

For example, there are sponsored post websites specifically for certain niches, such as fitness, mommy blogs, and more.

Make sure to fill your profile out and make it as detailed as possible.

On sponsored post websites, they’re going to ask you what your blog is about.

Make sure to make this sound exciting, welcoming, and detailed as possible without writing a long story.

Also, many of these websites only accept bloggers that meet certain qualifications.

These qualifications will differ depending on the site.

However, I have been accepted to a site even though I did not meet the qualifications.

It’s because I reached out to a brand first, and the brand talked to the sponsored post company and asked to let me in for a collaboration.

Below are a few websites that I’m apart of and recommend using.

2. Reach out to brands

Getting in contact with brands through email has been very lucrative for me. This is one of the best ways to work with brands you want to work with and provide the brand with your media kit or bio.

For example, if there is a product related to my business or something I feel my audience can benefit from, I’ll contact the brand with a detailed email about why they should consider working with me. It would look something like this:


I am reaching out to you in regards to ___ product. I was wondering if you work with bloggers in exchange for (input your service or offer here). I have been using ___ product for 6 months now and I have seen amazing results. I would love to share and provide awareness around my results in a detailed post that will attract readers to your product. Bonne Chic receives an average of ___ page views per month and has over ____ social media followers. Our email list has over ___ subscribers and our YouTube channel has ____subscribers. I believe in partnering with brands that provide value to myself and also my audience who I believe will benefit from ___ product. Bonne Chic’s audience is __% female and __% male with demographics in (insert regions, countries, etc. where your demographics come from).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Your Name

Your Blog

When a brand responds back to you, make sure you are clear and understand the terms of agreement and also the pay. Make sure that the work you are doing is equivalent to the pay you are receiving. I wouldn’t recommend charging less than $250 for a sponsored post. With the amount of time and effort it takes into creating a sponsored post, you want to make sure you are being paid what you are worth.

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If you are a beginner and just starting out, you may think that getting sponsored posts from brands is hard. it becomes a lot easier once you develop relationships and partnerships with brands. You can always create a list of brands you want to work with and reach out to them to let them know you’re interested in working with them. If you don’t hear anything from them, follow up every 3 months.

When I first started working with brands, I would get turned down for offers, too. I didn’t give up and I kept growing and building relationships with brands I wanted to work with.

Since I have grown my creative business, I now get a lot of offers to work with brands and sponsored post opportunities.

I turn a lot of opportunities down because the brand does not fit my blog or creative business, or the opportunity budget does not meet my standards.

3. Save brand’s email and build relationships

After working with a brand and having a successful experience, I will create spreadsheet and save that brands information.

I usually reach out again every 4 to 6 weeks to see if they would like to partner again on another project.

They either say yes, they would love to partner together again or they will say no, or maybe again in the future.

By reaching out to them personally, I increase my chances of getting additional opportunities with a brand and I’m building a solid relationship with them.

You will want to do this as well to build relationships with brands you love. This way you can partner with brands that you love working with and also keep a steady brand opportunity with new projects every 4 to 6 weeks or so.

4. Should you disclose that you’re working with a brand?

If a brand is paying you or providing you with free products in exchange for a post, you must disclose at the top of your post that it is a sponsored post or ad.

Here is a FAQ page by the FTC regarding sponsored posts.

It is so important that you let your audience know about being paid for ads and sponsored posts. Being transparent is not just a way to build trust with your audience, it is also the humane thing to do.

6. How much should you charge for sponsored posts?

Everyone will have their own opinion but I feel that as a blogger, you should charge no less than $250 per post.

I say this because you are taking the time and effort as a writer to create a post for a brand and to give your honest review and feedback about their product or service. You reputation, your audience and your blog is at stake.

You also want to charge at least this amount because bigger brands may be harder to work with. There may be times where there is a lot of revisions that need to be made, certain times when you can publish and getting paid.

This is why I only work with reputable brands I know and trust. I would never recommend a product or service I don’t believe in or have not tried. If the brand doesn’t fit the needs of my audience, it does not go on my blog.

I strongly recommend that you do the same to build a blogging brand your readers will grow to trust and learn from.

7. Sponsored Post Newsletter

Are you wondering if there is an easier way to find sponsored posts for your blog?

A great solution to this is by signing up for this email newsletter specifically for sponsored post opportunities. 

For $29.99/month, you’ll get sent sponsored posts 3 times per week ranging from $65-$5,000. You will receive get 10-15 sponsored opportunities per email, 3 emails per week. There are many types of opportunities, meaning small and large blogs will benefit from this. There are no contracts, so you can also cancel at any time. 

This newsletter sends the best sponsored post opportunities right in your inbox, so you no longer need to log in to hundreds of sponsored post networks to find the one paid post that works for you.

What do I charge?

Currently at the time of writing this blog post, I charge between $500-$1750 per post and $150 per social media share. Every blogger is different and will charge different rates.

My rates can also get higher if I need to create graphics, create a video or send an email to my email subscribers.

I’ve read blog posts where bloggers with my stats are charging $100 for sponsored posts.

Make sure you are doing your research and charge what you are worth. Is $100 worth your time and effort to create a sponsored post for a brand?

Charge more for your time.

Do you have a media kit?

Yes, and you can create one for free using Later’s free media kit.

A media kit is a great way to send brands your bio, demographics, stats and more in a one-page PDF.

Keep it short and sweet and straight to the point as you are selling yourself to brands to choose you to work with.


As you grow as a blogger and a creator, make sure to keep your stats updated as your page views change and/or your follower count changes.

If you forget to do this, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

A lot of brands pay attention to numbers. They want to know if you are engaging your audience and if people are clicking on your links. They want to make sure that you can provide value to their product and if it is worth working with you. Make sure you keep your stats updated on a regular basis so that brands can consider working with you.

Sponsored posts are a great way to get paid for sharing products you love and believe in. They are also great for sharing with your audience and other people who can benefit from them as well.

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If you’re a blogger or digital creator, do you have any tips to share related to sponsored posts?

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